Bruton, Richard

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 674 No. 5

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Leaders’ Questions

The Government is asleep at the wheel.More Button

Hear, hear.More Button

Order of Business.

A report published earlier highlights a high level of non-compliance with elements of the disclosure provisions of the code of corporate governance and a recommendation that the code should be enforce...More Button

The existing authority cannot assess the flaws.More Button

Priority Questions - Fiscal Policy.

Asked the minister: if he is satisfied that the budgetary strategy for 2009 is adequate to meet the economic challenges which the country faces. More Button

I thank the Minister for his reply. People are terrified their jobs will be the next to go. Businesses are fearful they will have to pull down the shutters because they can neither get credit nor pa...More Button

They are an accurate description of the true position.More Button

I did not mention the Commission. The Minister should answer the questions he was asked.More Button

I must beg the Chair’s indulgence as the Minister did not answer either of the questions I asked him. He proceeded to cite inept measures the Government adopted in the past, as if this would in some ...More Button

Says who?More Button

The Minister has not published those figures.More Button

What will the Minister do in 2009?More Button

The Minister has refused to answer the basic question I submitted.More Button

The Minister did refuse to answer it. He had two opportunities and he did not answer it on either occasion.More Button

It is certainly not my fault.More Button

Priority Questions - Banking Sector Regulation.

Asked the minister: if he is satisfied that adequate arrangements are in place here to achieve the necessary turnaround in the banking system in a manner that does not expose the taxpayer to excessive risk. More Button

The Minister will understand that, on this side of the House, there is a great deal of scepticism over how the Anglo Irish Bank issue has been handled over a long period. People did not bother to ask...More Button

Would that happen immediately?More Button

What about the clean sweep?More Button

Other Questions - Fiscal Policy.

I thank the Minister for his reply. It is alarming that the new debt servicing cost of €4.5 billion is almost three times the amount in 2008 and it is 33% higher than the Minister’s forecast last Oct...More Button

Other Questions - Financial Institutions Support Scheme.

Rebalancing in Dublin West.More Button

Other Questions - Banking Sector Regulation.

I wish to return to this issue. There is no one looking at the way in which the regulator performed its duties. The Minister is talking about new reform and new institutions being put in place. The...More Button

Who is assessing the regulator?More Button

Why did the Minister believe that the House was not entitled to know that Anglo Irish Bank was under investigation for both the unwinding of the Quinn Group’s shareholding and Irish Life & Permanent’s...More Button

We were entitled to the information.More Button

Nursing Homes Support Scheme Bill 2008: Second Stage (Resumed).

Question put.
No IndicatorVoted No More Button

Irish Economy: Motion.

Amendment put.
No IndicatorVoted No More Button

Question put: “That the motion, as amended, be agreed to.”
No IndicatorVoted No More Button

Written Answers - Financial Regulator Staff.

Asked the minister: the progress made by the Financial Regulator in filling the additional banking supervisory positions advertised in late 2008, including the names and previous work experience of new staff appointmen...More Button

Written Answers - Financial Services Regulation.

Asked the minister: if he has assessed the concerns raised by the Free Legal Advice Centre in respect of the proposed code of practice for people with mortgages, in particular in respect of whether lenders can continue ...More Button

Written Answers - Multi-Denominational Schools.

Asked the minister: when she expects to recognise Educate Together as a patron of second level schools; and the steps that must be taken to allow this to occur. More Button

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