Andrews, Barry

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 678 No. 3

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On a point of order, I would be grateful if the Deputy would give way for five minutes so I could wrap up on behalf of the Government. I apologise if it is a slightly unorthodox mechanism but I would...More Button

I acknowledge that Deputy Stanton has bona fides on this subject which I have discussed with him previously in the corridors. The Deputy repeated this evening many of the points he makes in private i...More Button

It is a ten second point, a soundbite. More Button

Let us be fair, it is populist. Deputy Kenny is populist, not popular. The minor nature of these savings——More Button

I want to deal further with the comments made by Deputy Doyle. He made the interesting comment that if one was dealing with one’s household budget and if it was seriously in debt and one chooses to s...More Button

There is also a demonstration effect in our spending three hours discussing an issue as minor as this. Capital markets are looking at this country wondering whether we have the capacity to get out of...More Button

I find absolutely amazing the fact that the national debate was geared by Fine Gael this week to deal with the demotion of five to seven people. More Button

Members opposite speak about leadership. Deputy Bannon is getting excited about leadership. Leadership is not about trying to plug into the prevailing mood and going with it. Leadership is about le...More Button

Deputy Bannon is stuck with this Private Members’ motion which is——More Button

——-without any interest. In journalism and politics people get obsessed with issues that, while interesting, are not important. Who will lose their position as Minister of State is an interesting is...More Button

That is interesting but it is tabloid politics.More Button

It is tabloid politics and populism. Fine Gael need to be honest with themselves and accept——More Button

——that this motion is naked populism.More Button

I want now to underline some of the points made by Government speakers. One point is the vital role played by Ministers of State in many different Departments. In terms of my work, the amount of res...More Button

I believe this is an important issue but it is very much a niche and in-house issue. It is a minor issue which seeks to address 1,000th of the problem by way of a three-hour debate. Fine Gael has ta...More Button

It is a debate.More Button

I did not lecture the Opposition.More Button

I just made my points.More Button

There was no lecturing.More Button

We are not out of touch.More Button

That point has been made.More Button

It has taken Fine Gael three hours to make that point.More Button

What does that have to do with this debate?More Button

Tell us.More Button

Yes.More Button

The Deputy should not get excited.More Button

The Deputy does not know what he is talking about.More Button

The Deputy interrupts everybody, but he does not like to be interrupted.More Button

We are supposed to accept it when he interrupts us.More Button

The Deputy does not know what he is talking about.More Button

I have been having a debate with the Deputy this evening. Fine Gael claims that it wants more debate in the House, but it does not allow people to speak during those debates.More Button

I was interrupted by Deputy Bannon.More Button

What does that have to do with a debate on the number of Ministers of State?More Button

That could have been said in ten seconds.More Button

Did Deputy Ring take the pay cut that was proposed by Deputy Kenny?More Button

Why did he not take it?More Button

That is fine.More Button

I will stand over it.More Button

I have nothing to hide.More Button

I can answer it now if the Deputy likes.More Button

It will be grand.More Button

There is nothing——More Button

I was interrupted by Deputy Bannon.More Button

I know. The Deputy did not interrupt me because he was not here.More Button

Amendment put.
Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

Written Answers - Dormant Accounts Fund.

In relation to the funding of youth cafés, my Office has been allocated €750,000 from Dormant Accounts for the development of a structured programme of youth cafés in 2009. Final decisions on the ope...More Button

Written Answers - Juvenile Liaison Service.

My colleague, the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, has already responded to your Parliamentary Question today (No. 142) in relation to the salary and associated costs of a Garda Juvenil...More Button

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