Lenihan, Brian Joseph

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 700 No. 3

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It is proposed to take No. a13, motion re membership of committees; No. b13, motion re referral of papers to the Joint Committee on Health and Children; No. 24, statements on the mid-west task force; ...More Button

The Order of Business is as laid before the House this morning. I did not hear an alternative proposal from the Opposition leaders who wish only to discuss banking matters. Let us be clear about on...More Button

Permanent TSB is not in receipt of any moneys from the State and has not applied to join the National Asset Management Agency. Let us leave aside that matter for a moment.More Button

Permanent TSB is and has paid money to the State for the benefit of the guarantee. The suggestion will, no doubt, be advanced in the next 24 hours that we should withdraw the State guarantee from the...More Button

I was asked a specific question about a specific institution and I dealt with it. I should make clear that there is a clear commitment in the programme for Government to protect family homes. The in...More Button

No Minister for Finance since the foundation of the State has been able to announce in this House what mortgage interest rates will be in the future. I was asked a question about a specific instituti...More Button

Deputies Gilmore and Kenny chose to refer to NAMA and the banks collectively, ignoring the particular circumstances of the institution concerned.More Button

It is at least incumbent upon me to put the circumstances of a particular institution before the House.More Button

Question put: “That the proposal for dealing with Nos. a13 and b13, without debate, be agreed to.”
Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

Deputy Kenny makes a fair point. I take it he is referring to the issue of whether it is implemented by statute or regulation and it is important that there should be parliamentary involvement in tha...More Button

Referral of Papers to Joint Committee on Health and Children: Motion.

In respect of the protection of homeowners, any required legislation will be brought forward. At this stage, the inter-departmental committee is doing its work and if legislation is required on foot ...More Button

As Deputy Bruton is well aware, this particular bonus arrangement was unique to this category of public servant. As I understand the position, the statutory instrument has been adopted and there are ...More Button

Deputy Varadkar raised an issue on the Order of Business and I will communicate with him about the precise status of the statutory instrument in order that he and the House can consider their options ...More Button

Yes.More Button

I have not seen the blacks.More Button

Whistleblowers Protection Bill 2010: First Stage.

I understand a social welfare Bill is promised for this session.More Button

Perhaps I can give a slightly fuller answer. The Bill is described as the social welfare (miscellaneous provisions) Bill. It provides for amendments to the social welfare code. It will be published...More Button

It is not a matter for the finance Bill. There is a difficulty of which I am aware. The initial advice of the Minister is that the difficulty did not require legislative resolution. However, she is...More Button

Secondary legislation is promised in the this matter which will address the issue. I understand, in light of the ongoing health risks associated with some of the products, the Department of Health an...More Button

No.More Button

The heads of the Bill were approved in principle by the Government on 13 January. The publication of the actual text will be in late 2010. There is a Government decision about the matters referred t...More Button

Yes.More Button

The matter does not arise in the Finance Bill. More Button

There is no proposal. More Button

There is no promised legislation but contact has been made with a particular person and discussions are ongoing with a view to making a rapid appointment. More Button

Written Answers - Personal Debt Management.

Was asked: the work that has been completed in view of the revised programme for Government; the new initiatives that will be announced in relation to helping persons with personal debt management problems and ...More Button

There have been a number of developments relating to the Government’s commitments in the renewed Programme for Government on protecting the family home and helping those in debt. I particularly refer...More Button

Written Answers - Flood Relief.

Was asked: if he will support a matter (details supplied) in Dublin 5. More Button

Written Answers - Tax Reliefs.

Was asked: if he will introduce a rebate in the MED1 form for those who privately accessed cervical cancer vaccination following the Department of Health and Children’s decision not to introduce a national vacc...More Button

The position is that the form Med 1 is the claim form for persons who wish to claim tax relief in respect of health expenses incurred in relation to the provision of health care. Section 469 of the Ta...More Button

Written Answers - Consumer Price Index.

Was asked: further to Parliamentary Question No 80 of 19 November 2009, if he will publish the full analysis of his Department and provide a copy to this Deputy. More Button

As is the norm in the course of the Budgetary preparations my Department carried out various technical analyses, including an assessment of the impact of falling consumer prices on households by socia...More Button

Written Answers - Architectural Heritage.

Was asked: the amount of money that was spent by the Office of Public Works on a building (details supplied) in County Donegal; the number of days the building opened to the public in each of the years 2006, 20...More Button

Written Answers - Public Service Pay.

Was asked: if the public sector pay cuts apply when contract employees in a university here have their funding 100% sourced from philanthropic or private sources; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

The Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (No 2) Act, 2009 makes provision for the reduction in the pay rates of all persons employed by public service bodies with effect from 1 January ...More Button

Written Answers - Banking Sector Regulation.

Was asked: the number of prosecutions brought for offences under the Central Bank Acts 1942 to 2004 in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. More Button

The Deputy will be aware that in my role as Minister for Finance, I set out the legislative framework within which offences and penalties are contained. The Financial Regulator is empowered under the...More Button

Written Answers - Land Rates.

Was asked: if lands developed for horticulture and used solely in connection with carrying on horticultural activities is rateable under the Valuation Act 2001; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

I should point out that the Commissioner of Valuation is independent in the exercise of his duties under the Valuation Act, 2001 and that I, as Minister for Finance, have no function in decisions in t...More Button

Written Answers - Tax Code.

Was asked: the reason a person who purchased houses in both November 2003 and November 2007 is being penalised in respect of mortgage interest relief in view of the fact that both 2003 and 2007 are being calcul...More Button

This is a matter for the Revenue Commissioners in the first instance who are responsible for the administration of mortgage interest relief through the tax relief at source (TRS) system. I am advised...More Button

Written Answers - Departmental Staff.

Was asked: the value of the union subscriptions collected from the payroll of civil servants in any given year; the breakdown of such by the union or staff association; and if he will make a statement on the ma...More Button

Was asked: the number of days taken off for trade union leave by civil servants in 2007, 2008 and 2009; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

Under Circular 14/1980, special leave may be granted within limits, to authorised non-full-time representatives of staff for attendance at union meetings, conferences etc. The following table sets out...More Button

Written Answers - Tax Code.

Was asked: if his budget day announcement in relation to mortgage interest relief means that a person with a mortgage since 2000 is entitled to claim mortgage interest relief. More Button

The position is that, as announced in the Budget, I am extending mortgage interest relief up to the end of 2017 for those whose entitlement to relief would end in 2010 or after. This means those who ...More Button

Written Answers - Pension Provisions.

Was asked: the number of retired civil servants who have made a voluntary surrender of all or part of their pension since April 2008; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

In the period from April 2008 to date, two retired civil servants made a voluntary surrender of some or all of their pensions.More Button

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