Quinn, Ruairí

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 708 No. 2

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Order of Business

We cannot get it any other way.More Button

Question put: “That the proposal for dealing with No. a11 be agreed to.”
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Private Members’ Business - Ministerial Pensions: Motion (Resumed)

Amendment put.
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Question put: “That the motion, as amended, be agreed to.”
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Priority Questions - School Patronage

Asked the minister: if she will establish, without prejudice, a national forum on patronage in primary schools, as suggested by the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin; if her attention has been drawn to the fact that the Cat...More Button

It did not take them long to house-train the Tánaiste. That is the most disappointing response I have heard from someone with the Tánaiste’s experience and maturity. I would have thought that as a m...More Button

The Catholic Church does not do democracy. It does not consult with its community; it informs its community. There is no procedure to which one can refer where the Catholic members of a parish are i...More Button

So the people who live in built-up areas do not have a choice.More Button

As the question stated.More Button

That is my question.More Button

Hence the forum.More Button

With all the stakeholders.More Button

Never on this issue.More Button

In the Minister’s second reply, she stated the Archbishop of Dublin is the biggest individual patron of schools in the country. Each bishop is a patron in his own right and is able to give a differen...More Button

Why is the Minister so frightened of a forum?More Button

Other Questions - Multi-denominational Schools

I thank the Minister for her reply. Is she aware that the group she mentioned has referred to her Department a comprehensive letter setting out a series of questions on the constitutionality and lega...More Button

I accept what the Minister is saying. I will undertake to make available to her the correspondence, and if I do so the Minister might be in a position to respond directly to me.More Button

I am concerned about the quality of the briefing material provided to the Minister. It is not within her remit to be directly informed by our own actions; I would not impose that on anybody. If the ...More Button

No.More Button

It was not.More Button

Other Questions - School Utility Services

I ask the Minister of State and the Minister to confirm that yesterday, the Tánaiste and Minister for Education and Skills told us the HEA and a group of colleges within the authority had come togethe...More Button

On foot of the Minister of State’s response, will he write to all of the primary school patrons and bring their attention to this discussion?More Button

He is not unapproachable.More Button

The Minister of State might send correspondence as encouragement.More Button

We will await the results.More Button

Other Questions - School Curriculum

I am fascinated by the reply. Why did the Tánaiste raise this hare if she cannot do it? The common understanding, certainly mine, was to the effect that, if someone got 55 points in honours maths, t...More Button

And points are an incentive they understand.More Button

Every maths student would move up.More Button

The Tánaiste was hardly a wet week in her current job and she had plenty of ministerial experience when she endorsed a recommendation by the innovation committee that was supported by myself and many ...More Button

Other Questions - Institutes of Technology

Absolutely.More Button

There would be no need to provide money up front in respect of that decision.More Button

Other Questions - Departmental Agencies

I thank the Tánaiste for her reply. Do I take it that the Secretary General in her Department is the responsible Accounting Officer?More Button

The Tánaiste will be haunted by FÁS for longer than she thought.More Button

Other Questions - Pupil-Teacher Ratios

The Department gets the figures for pupils in October and gets the figure for the number of teachers the following June. That is some system.More Button

Written Answers - Irish Language

Asked the minister: the expenditure per year by his Department for the preparatory course for Irish language lawyer-linguist positions in the European institutions run by institutions (details supplied) since the creati...More Button

Written Answers - Departmental Funding

Asked the minister: if she will confirm reports from attendees at the labour market activation fund briefing on 18 March 2010 that two separate question and answer sessions took place due to the unexpected number of att...More Button

Asked the minister: the consultation that took place with private and public sector organisations or associations concerning the labour market activation fund prior to its announcement in budget 2009; the name of each o...More Button

Written Answers - Appointments to State Boards

Asked the minister: the selection procedure for appointing teacher training college board members on the Teaching Council; the reason all teacher training colleges in Ireland are not represented on the Teaching Council;...More Button

Asked the minister: the appointment procedure for the two positions nominated by colleges of education on the Teaching Council; if she will outline the way that the third level bodies are selected for the nomination of ...More Button

Written Answers - Departmental Funding

Asked the minister: if she will provide the details of all private colleges that have received funding from the special education support service and the teaching education section of the Department of Education and Ski...More Button

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