Andrews, Barry

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 711 No. 2

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Adoption Bill 2009 [Seanad]: Report Stage (Resumed)

One of the criteria regarding eligibility for adoption is that the person to be adopted must be under 18 years of age. The issue of the adoption of persons aged over 18 years of age originally arose ...More Button

The Deputy is right that we are dealing with a blockage in regard to children who would be otherwise adoptable but are in long-term foster care. The categories for which the Deputy is seeking to prov...More Button

The adoption authority will not be involved in the appointment of guardians and this Bill does not provide for the appointment of a guardian to a child. Section 17, which deals with placement, provid...More Button

The circumstance Deputy Shatter has raised is not adoption. It is described in the various annual reports of the Adoption Board and is a situation in which the rights of the natural father are not ex...More Button

Amendment put.
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The proposed amendment suggests inserting “in the English language” into the definition of Hague Convention in section 3 of the Bill. This is considered unnecessary as it is considered a given that t...More Button

Amendment No. 7, if included in the Bill, would exclude applicants who are resident in Ireland who have effected an adoption order in another jurisdiction before the establishment day which may be rec...More Button

In respect of amendment No. 10 in the name of Deputy Shatter, section 3 was brought forward from the 1952 Act, in which welfare was not defined. Thus, in the Bill before the House welfare will be int...More Button

I wish to respond to the nonsense uttered by Deputy Shatter. We were treated to the same performance on Committee Stage, although it did not last as long. I have genuine reasons for resisting the am...More Button

I have done so, now and on Committee Stage.More Button

As indicated on Committee Stage, the Deputy is providing what purports to be an exhaustive list of the considerations that could be included as being pertinent to the welfare of a child. However, the...More Button

I will not rise to the Deputy’s provocation. The purpose of sections 4 and 5 of the Bill is to ensure that agencies involved in the making of arrangements for adoption are registered in the register ...More Button

Amendment No. 97 refers to section 147, which states that in determining for the purposes of subsection (2) whether a person has contravened section 125, the court shall have regard to the matters set...More Button

To clarify, I mentioned that this section is to be read with section 125. Subsection 125(1) states: A person shall not— (a) make or attempt to make an arrangement for the adoption of a child, (b) for...More Button

No.More Button

I move amendment No. 12: In page 18, to delete lines 24 to 26.More Button

I move amendment No. 13: In page 18, to delete lines 31 to 37.More Button

I move amendment No. 14: In page 19, to delete lines 1 to 4.More Button

On the first amendment from Deputy Shatter to delete the words “a person who believes himself to be the father”, the section is designed to allow for a situation where a dispute arises in regard to pa...More Button

These matters are already before the court. What generally happens, as the Deputies will be aware, is that the father will have to seek an order quashing an adoption order to enable him to be properl...More Button

There will not be that many of them. It is a fairly simple exercise for the authority to consider. In the vast majority of cases there will not be an issue. As long as we leave matters are they are...More Button

I oppose the amendments on the basic principle that consent to adoption must be given freely. The period of 12 months selected by Deputy Shatter is absolutely right. It is a very long period in the ...More Button

The Bill allows an exception for a child older than seven years to be adopted. The view and practice has been that a child under that age would not understand the concept of adoption and all flowing ...More Button

This section and the entirety of the legislation are governed by the principle of the best interests of the child. The welfare of the child should be the first and paramount consideration. Unlike Dep...More Button

Fair enough.More Button

I am pleased to address this matter, having given it serious consideration in the course of my work on the Bill. This issue has been used to characterise me as not having guts. Every Deputy in the H...More Button

Yes, no one wants that and the legislation was correctly withdrawn.More Button

My point is that considerable work has been done on this type of legislation. That such legislation was introduced underlines my point that it was always our intention to introduce a separate Bill. ...More Button

I have never seen such questions about parents. As I stated, however, I stand to be corrected. I restate my commitment to legislate in this area. With two years remaining in the life of the Governme...More Button

The Deputy is absolutely correct. We want to introduce legislation to allow people to obtain the most information possible while respecting the limits set down by the Supreme Court in this area. I h...More Button

To clarify what I said on the issue of family history, I was responding to a contention made by Deputy Kathleen Lynch that insurance forms, or something of that nature, required these histories. I am...More Button

I will give heed to the Deputy’s information. I am sorry if I seemed overly defensive, but I am being portrayed in a certain light in this Chamber. I am entitled to defend myself. I am absolutely s...More Button

Amendment put.
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Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Bill 2010: Second Stage (Resumed)

Question put.
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