Kirk, Seamus

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 711 No. 4

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Implementation of the Ryan Report: Statements

I call on the Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children, Deputy Barry Andrews, to make his statement.More Button

We agreed the Order of Business last Thursday. The arrangements for today were agreed by the House last Thursday and we are proceeding on that basis.More Button

With all due respect——More Button

There is no provision for that today.More Button

I know that.More Button

I have allowed the Deputy some latitude.More Button

We must move on according to the arrangements agreed last Thursday.More Button

Some co-operation with the Chair would not go amiss.More Button

We need to move on with today’s business.More Button

I wish to deal with two points the Deputy has raised.More Button

The Deputy is holding up the statements.More Button

The Chair does not have any discretion; the Government proposes and the House disposes. On the second point, Deputy Durkan was not suspended from the House last week, he was asked to leave the House ...More Button

I have ruled on the matter and if Deputy Kenny, or any other Member of the House wishes to challenge that ruling, he must do so by way of a substantive motion on the floor of the House. There is no o...More Button

We considered the correspondence from the Labour Party Whip, Deputy Emmet Stagg, and the reply was clear and cogent. It was not open to misinterpretation. It sets out the position and the basis for ...More Button

If Deputy Gilmore wishes to test the water on that matter, he will have to submit a substantive motion, which he is entitled to do. I call Deputy Ó Caoláin.More Button

I disagree.More Button

There is no provision to venture into these areas at this point in time.More Button

I seek the Deputy’s co-operation with the Chair. Let us move on to the business as agreed last week.More Button

The Deputy is doing a very good job of borrowing speaking time for himself contrary to the ruling of the Chair and contrary to any co-operation with the Chair.More Button

I have asked the Deputy to co-operate. I have allowed considerable latitude on this matter to all party leaders, but it is being abused.More Button

I ask the Deputy for his co-operation.More Button

Will the Deputy co-operate?More Button

I ask the Deputy to resume his seat to allow business to proceed.More Button

The problem arises when the Deputy drifts into over-elaboration.More Button

There has to be some order in the House.More Button

We had an agreement as per Thursday last on how we were going to proceed today. Will Deputy Ó Caoláin resume his seat? I ask for the Deputy’s co-operation.More Button

By the agreement of the Whips, yes.More Button

I thank Deputy Ó Caoláin. Will he resume his seat?More Button

I, as Cathaoirleach, do not have a discretion in this matter. It is a matter for the Whips. Will Deputy Ó Caoláin resume his seat, please?More Button

I ask Deputy Ó Caoláin to resume his seat, please? Just resume your seat.More Button

We have read them many times. We have made a decision on the matter. Please resume your seat.More Button

Will Deputy Ó Caoláin resume his seat?More Button

Briefly, Deputy Finian McGrath.More Button

We have been over this ground.More Button

The Chair is anxious to accommodate the Deputy provided we can get agreement among the Whips on the matter.More Button

We are eating up time. This is time specific and we need to move on. Could we move on?More Button

I am sure that request can be considered as we go along.More Button

If Deputy McGrath resumes his seat, we will have the matter examined and considered. Could I have the Minister of State, Deputy Barry Andrews?More Button

We cannot have a point of order at this point.More Button

I must advise Deputy Ó Snodaigh that we have made a decision on this matter and we are proceeding.More Button

I ask Deputy Ó Snodaigh for his co-operation and to resume his seat.More Button

Deputy Ó Snodaigh, will you resume your seat, please?More Button

Will Deputy Ó Snodaigh resume his seat? The Chair is on its feet.More Button

Resume your seat when the Chair is on its feet, please.More Button

Will Deputy Ó Snodaigh resume his seat?More Button

Deputy, resume your seat when the Chair is on its feet or I will have to suspend the House for ten minutes.More Button

Deputy Ó Snodaigh, resume your seat.More Button

The House is suspended for ten minutes.More Button

I call on the Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children, Deputy Barry Andrews.More Button

Will the Deputy resume his seat so that we can get on with the business of the House as agreed last Thursday?More Button

If the Deputy were to come to my office later, we could discuss the matter there. I call on the Minister of State, Deputy Barry Andrews.More Button

Deputy Ó Snodaigh, some co-operation would be much appreciated.More Button

Yes, for the day.More Button

Okay, but let us not get into semantics. He was out for one day and he is back in now.More Button

He was not in the end.More Button

He went and so the issue of voting to put him out did not arise.More Button

I referred to the notification to the Member that he was being suspended and then to the naming of him but I did not get around to naming him. He had left the House.More Button

I call the Minister of State.More Button

A brief point of order from Deputy Gilmore.More Button

I ask the Minister of State to refrain from interrupting. More Button

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