Noonan, Michael

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 724 No. 1

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Budget Statement 2011

This is the budget of a puppet Government, which is doing what it has been told to do by the IMF, the EU Commission and the European Central Bank. It is doing so in order that the State can draw down...More Button

Consequently, its slash and burn policies were counter-productive and it failed to include measures to grow the economy and to protect and create jobs. The Minister has fallen into the same trap toda...More Button

On fiscal correction, the intentions of the Minister for Finance, Deputy Brian Lenihan, were sound but his policies were woefully misguided, so the more he did the worse it got. Then some months ago ...More Button

Think of the fatal ignoring of the principle of moral hazard, so that although shareholders were wiped out and those who borrowed recklessly were punished, those who lent recklessly were not punished ...More Button

The current budget deficit has shot up to 32% of GDP and the Government can no longer borrow. That is why it is out of the bond market because if it went to it, it could not borrow any longer. Irela...More Button

In case anybody on the Front Benches or the backbenches thinks that this happened by accident, it did not; it is a direct result of the Minister’s banking policies, which we pointed out to him, when h...More Button

I felt ashamed when I read the obsequious letters of the Minister for Finance when applying for assistance to Messrs. Juncker, Reynders, Rehn, and Trichet and separately to Mr. Strauss-Kahn of the IMF...More Button

If it was not so serious, it would be funny. When one reads the letters, they sound like confessions beaten out of him, as if one were reading a thriller. It is as if they water-boarded the Minister...More Button

Is this a hit me now with the child in my arms intervention?More Button

The third and biggest mistake of the Government is to think that the purpose of all the pain and suffering is to restore Ireland to where it was in Bertie Ahern’s time. The dream of restoring a lost ...More Button

The flipping of property in the fashionable pubs of Dublin after work on Friday will not happen again. The bubble cannot be reinflated and the Government policy designed to restore lost times cannot ...More Button

We need a reformed political system and a talented, fit-for-purpose public service needs to be developed once more. We need new policies to support growth and jobs. A fatal flaw in this budget is th...More Button

More importantly, there were no policy decisions taken to underpin the expenditure cuts.More Button

The Taoiseach will be in here tomorrow and I want him to state clearly the policy decisions that will underpin the expenditure cuts registered in the tables at the back of the circulated document. I ...More Button

He made no reference to a reduction in capital spending today but a quick look at the tables at the back of the document suggests the Government is taking approximately €1.8 billion out in capital spe...More Button

Where will be the heavy hits? The Deputy will be walking home and will have no metro. He will be walking to Swords.More Button

As two thirds of the adjustment to get to €6 billion derives from public expenditure cuts, there is an onus on the Government to explain the figures. As the Minister for Finance did not do so, the Ta...More Button

The income tax adjustments are equally puzzling. The Minister stated he would cut the tax credit by 10%, which is fairly obvious, although the universal social charge is still a mystery. This charge...More Button

The Department of Finance was of the view that the tax neutral position is now in excess of 9%, and if one wanted to collect extra income one would have to go beyond that. Curiously, the Minister men...More Button

It is in the small print.More Button

As Deputy Gogarty pointed out, the rate is detailed in the appendix. Is the intent to be revenue-neutral or is the intent to collect extra revenue from the universal social charge?More Button

That is a very important policy pronouncement which the Minister should have made in his speech but did not. There are many issues not clear in this budget.More Button

The Minister does not have a high regard for carers with his income tax provision, as the tax credit for carers has decreased from €900 to €810. On top of that, he has cut the carer’s allowance and d...More Button

Carers have it tough and it is a vulnerable area that should have been protected. The Minister did not do so.More Button

I am glad the Minister exempted the contributory and non-contributory old-age pensions from the social welfare cuts but he did not exempt widows.More Button

Why would the Minister distinguish between old-age pensions and widows’ pensions? What kind of social compass suggests that widows can afford the cut and old-age pensioners cannot?More Button

Why would he do this? Why would he cut blind persons’ and invalidity pensions, as well as carers’ pensions? The only exemption forced on him is the old-age pension. I do not understand why a Govern...More Button

The Minister has cut jobseeker’s allowance by €8 and made no increase in the child dependant allowance in social welfare; it remains the same as last year. Child benefit is down by €10 per child for ...More Button

Did some third child beat up the Minister coming home from school when he was a young fellow? What is the conspiracy against third children?More Button

I have no vested interest as I am a fourth child.More Button

Some of the changes in stamp duty are welcome as somebody has to act to get the property market going again. NAMA has destroyed the property market as it has taken everything out but put nothing back...More Button

A tranche of assets should be sold, even if they must be sold cheaply, to get the process started again. The 1% universal levy on all property, with 2% on properties worth more than €1 million, is on...More Button

Overall, the budget is incoherent, soft on the rich and hard on the poor. The times ahead will be hard. The Government has sought to tie the hands of its successors with a series of very specific com...More Button

There is a flaw in Ireland’s approach to Europe, one which arises from the hubris of the Celtic tiger years. Since we joined the European Union the Department of Foreign Affairs has taken the lead ro...More Button

Despite everything that has happened, I do not believe our country is ruined beyond repair. If it were not for the banks, our problems would be manageable. With the recently announced initiatives to...More Button

At times of crisis we tend to turn to the heroes of the past for inspiration — to Collins and Griffith, de Valera and Lemass. I know Members on all sides of the House do that and therefore I shall fi...More Button

Financial Resolutions 2011

Question put: “That Financial Resolutions Nos. 1 to 4, inclusive, be agreed to.”
No IndicatorVoted No More Button

Written Answers - Debt Card Charges

Asked the minister: if his attention has been drawn to concerns by retailers regarding the proposed increased fee for the use of debit cards which are to be introduced from next year (details supplied); if this arrangem...More Button

Written Answers - Fisheries Protection

Asked the minister: if he will make arrangements to allow the Coonagh licensed fishermen at Coonagh, Limerick to fish for small quantities of salmon; if he will make arrangements with the Shannon Regional Fisheries Boa...More Button

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