Barrett, Seán

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 736 No. 1

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Ceisteanna — Questions - Departmental Appointments

Question No. 3 is in the name of Deputy Gerry Adams.More Button

There is no need for it because the question was answered.More Button

It was, actually.More Button

I do not see anything funny about this. The question was answered.More Button

You are not entitled to ask a supplementary question.More Button

I do not need any help from the back benches, thanks very much. It is difficult enough to do this job without smart alec comments.More Button

Deputy Martin’s question is about——More Button

Sorry, Deputy, would you please remain silent? It is none of your business.More Button

The question Deputy Martin asked relates to appointments in the Department of the Taoiseach, not the Department of Finance. The question put to the Taoiseach refers to the appointment of “Secretaries...More Button

The Taoiseach has answered the question. Does the Deputy have another detailed supplementary question?More Button

Fine.More Button

That is a separate question.More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions - North-South Ministerial Council

There is quite a number of questions grouped. I will take a supplementary from Deputy Adams on the council and then one from Deputy Martin, and then I will go back to Deputy Adams.More Button

Deputy Adams has five or six.More Button

I want to be fair to everybody.More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions - Interdepartmental Committees

In accordance with ruling No. 681 of the previous Ceann Comhairle, it is not in order to ask supplementary questions where the information in the reply to a parliamentary question is in tabular form a...More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions - Freedom of Information

Could I point out that general information——More Button

General information relating to freedom of information is a matter for the Department of Finance and questions should be put to that Department.More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions - Cabinet Sub-Committees

The Deputy is straying from the question.More Button

That is not the question.More Button

We cannot discuss matters at the committees. The Deputy asked a factual question. We cannot stray into policy otherwise we would be here all day.More Button

No, it is not. The Deputy’s question referred to the number of meetings that have been held of each of the Cabinet sub-committees since their establishment. Whether another committee has been formed...More Button

The Deputy is also straying from the question he asked. He asked a factual question but is straying into policy matters. I regret I cannot allow that question. I call Deputy Boyd Barrett.More Button

That is a separate question altogether.More Button

The Deputy did not ask the question.More Button

That is another question. I call Deputy Martin.More Button

It is not because the Taoiseach has not read it out.More Button

No. If the Deputy listened to the answer the Taoiseach gave, he did not give that information. Therefore the Deputy’s question is not in order. I call Deputy Martin to proceed.More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions - State Visits

No. I thought he answered it. Did the Taoiseach forget to answer Question No. 15?More Button

The Deputy was doing grand up to now, but he is straying away.More Button

That is a totally different question.More Button

The Deputy is totally out of order.More Button

The Deputy will not get any answer now because his time is up.More Button

Thank you, Deputy. That is very good news for us all.More Button

Leaders’ Questions

Could we have a supplementary question?More Button

The Taoiseach to respond, please.More Button

I call Deputy Adams.More Button

Could I have some order for Deputy Adams, please?More Button

Sorry, through the Chair to the Taoiseach.More Button

I will protect Deputy Adams’s right to speak without interruption.More Button

A question please.More Button

I am sorry Deputy. We are over time.More Button

I am sorry Deputy. You are out of order. I call Deputy Ross.More Button

Requests to move Adjournment of Dáil under Standing Order 32

Before coming to the Order of Business I propose to deal with a number of notices under Standing Order 32. I will call on Deputies in the order in which they submitted their notices to my office.More Button

Having considered the matters raised, my view is that they are not in order under Standing Order 32.More Button

Order of Business

There are four proposals to put to the House. Is proposal No. 1 for dealing with Nos. 10, 11 and 12, motions without debate, agreed to?More Button

Deputy——More Button

Deputy, you are straying beyond the——More Button

Thank you, Deputy.More Button

That is a different issue.More Button

I will put the question.More Button

The Deputy has had his say.More Button

Is the proposal for dealing with Nos. 10, 11 and 12, motions re referral to joint committees of proposed approval by Dáil Éireann of the Harbours Acts Order 2011, the ministerial rota for parliamentar...More Button

Is the proposal for dealing with No. 13, motion re Criminal Justice (Amendment) Act 2009 agreed to?More Button

Is the proposal for dealing with No. 14, motion re Offences Against the State (Amendment) Act 1998 agreed to?More Button

Is the proposal for dealing with parliamentary questions next for answer by the Taoiseach on EU matters agreed to? Agreed.More Button

Is there promised——More Button

I apologise, Taoiseach. I call Deputy Higgins on the same issue.More Button

Would the Deputy cut out the theatre and let us have a question, please?More Button

Deputy Adams on the same issue.More Button

We will come back to that.More Button

Thank you.More Button

Will the Deputy resume his seat, please?More Button

The Taoiseach has not yet finished. The Deputy should sit down for a moment.More Button

I am calling Deputy Adams.More Button

It is a matter for the Whips. I suggest the Deputy refers the matter to his Whip for debate during the week.More Button

Where are we going, Deputy? Could you give us a hint?More Button

Reduction in Pay and Allowances of Government and Oireachtas Members Bill 2011: First Stage

Is the Bill opposed?More Button

Since this is a Private Members’ Bill, Second Stage must, under Standing Orders, be taken in Private Members’ time.More Button

Message from Seanad

Seanad Éireann has accepted the Finance (No. 2) Bill 2011, without recommendation.More Button

Criminal Justice (Amendment) Act 2009: Motion

Is that agreed? Agreed.More Button

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