Martin, Micheál

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 736 No. 1

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Ceisteanna — Questions - Departmental Appointments

Asked the minister: the role, if any, to be played by special advisers in advising him on the persons to be appointed as Secretaries General in his Department; and which guidelines, if any, concerning conflicts of int...More Button

Asked the minister: the position regarding the filling of Secretary General positions in his Department. More Button

Given that this is the procedure used for appointing the new Secretary General with responsibility for public expenditure and reform, which the Taoiseach will, no doubt, also examine, is he satisfied...More Button

May I ask a supplementary question?More Button

I do not believe it was.More Button

I am entitled to ask a supplementary question under Standing Orders.More Button

Questions Nos. 1 and 2 are in my name.More Button

I would like to ask a brief supplementary question on the basis of Question No. 2.More Button

In light of the delay in filling the position referred to in Question No. 2, will the Taoiseach reconsider his decision not to publicly advertise the position of the second Secretary General in his De...More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions - North-South Ministerial Council

Asked the minister: his policy towards the North-South civic consultative forum. More Button

Asked the minister: if he will report on the outcome of the recent North-South Ministerial Council meeting. More Button

I tabled two questions.More Button

Four.More Button

In the context of Question No. 8 seeking a report on the outcome of the recent North-South Ministerial Council meeting, was the issue of parading discussed, either formally or informally, between the ...More Button

It would be useful if there was significant engagement between either the respective Ministers or the Government and the Northern Ireland Executive on this issue to develop a multi-policy approach to ...More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions - Interdepartmental Committees

Asked the minister: if he will detail the inter-departmental groups on which he is represented. More Button

That is a wonderfully transparent way of doing business.More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions - Freedom of Information

Asked the minister: his views regarding the application of the Freedom of Information Act within his Department. More Button

I am not in any way questioning the capacity of the Department to administer the Freedom of Information Acts; that is not the angle I am pursuing in this question. The Taoiseach referred to the relev...More Button

My question is related to the application of the Act to the Taoiseach’s Department. My essential point is that in the past questions and requests on economic and social issues were answered by the Ta...More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions - Cabinet Sub-Committees

How many times has the Cabinet sub-committee on climate change met?More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions - State Visits

You cannot spend that allowance on the election.More Button

Leaders’ Questions

When the jobs initiative was announced, the Taoiseach and the Government decided not to publish any supporting documentation on the impact of the €1.8 billion raid on personal pensions. This was a di...More Button

That is not the case. Sometime soon the Taoiseach will have to start taking responsibility for the decisions he has taken.More Button

The Taoiseach was warned——More Button

——by the relevant Minister and by officials that this levy could have a serious negative impact on personal pensions. The Taoiseach decided to reverse a decade old procedure and he withheld this info...More Button

The Taoiseach knew what I asked at the time, and he decided not to release the material. In essence, the Taoiseach has not told me today. He did not answer the question I asked. Why did he ignore th...More Button

I asked the Taoiseach here.More Button

Parliamentary accountability.More Button

Come back to this question.More Button

The Taoiseach is running from the question.More Button

I just want information.More Button

It is not. Will the Taoiseach publish the material?More Button

The Taoiseach is covering up.More Button

It is like politics.More Button

Order of Business

On that last proposal, I thank the Taoiseach and the Chief Whip for the additional small amount of time that has been offered, even though my party asked for more. I suggest that for the past three m...More Button

This week’s European Council meeting does not have our issues on its agenda and even in light of the incredible seriousness of the issues facing Europe, the discussion this week specifically on the Eu...More Button

Yes. Members will not have time to go into the details tomorrow. Moreover, most Deputies will not get a chance to speak tomorrow on what probably is the most fundamental issue facing Ireland and Eur...More Button

I referred to the European debt crisis. It is the most fundamental issue facing Europe at present.More Button

This issue needs a substantial debate in this House.More Button

Is the Taoiseach saying “No”?More Button

He is really.More Button

I am talking about a substantive debate on the debt crisis.More Button

The debt crisis facing Europe is the most substantive issue.More Button

Criminal Justice (Amendment) Act 2009: Motion

Question put.
Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

Offences against the State (Amendment) Act 1998: Motion

Question put.
Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

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