Tuffy, Joanna

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 739 No. 2

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Electoral (Amendment) Bill 2011: Report and Final Stages

The section as amended by the Minister allows the commission a range of between 153 and 160 Deputies. Obviously the Minister originally intended the minimum number to be 152, which would have clearly...More Button

I am.More Button

I am talking about the numbers. The amendments are grouped.More Button

Other speakers have raised this issue at this stage. I can come in again if you wish and make the rest of the points then.More Button

This legislation will have become unconstitutional. That will never have occurred previously.More Button

I know.More Button

I do.More Button

The Minister has misunderstood me. I know he said the final report will not be issued until after the final census results. My point is that he thought it necessary to change from 152 to 153 in case...More Button

The Minister will have to come back with amending legislation.More Button

I realise that it may not come to pass but if it did, that is what would happen. Never in the history of the State has a commission been asked to make the decision about cutting the number of TDs. I...More Button

Question put.
Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Bill 2010 [Seanad]: Report Stage (Resumed)

Deputy, your time is up. You can reply at the end of this section if you wish. Your time is well up. You had only two minutes.More Button

You can come back in at the end.More Button

You have been speaking for more than two minutes, for almost three and a half minutes.More Button

The Deputy should not invite contributions at this point. It is not Committee Stage.More Button

The Deputy’s time is up.More Button

Perhaps the Minister can return to the matter under discussion.More Button

Question put: “That the words proposed to be deleted stand.”
Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

Adjournment Debate - School Transport

The Deputy’s time is up.More Button

Written Answers - Schools Building Projects

Asked the minister: the steps he will take to ensure more open, transparent and regularly updated information to the public about applications by schools for school buildings and extensions; and if he will make a statem...More Button

Written Answers - Departmental Schemes

Asked the minister: if a person who is unemployed but is not in receipt of any payments or benefit from social welfare will be able to participate in the national internship scheme; if so, the circumstances in which he ...More Button

Written Answers - Planning Issues

Asked the minister: if he has any information available to him regarding the amount of land zoned for residential development that is surplus to current housing needs; his estimates in that regard; the steps he plans to...More Button

Written Answers - Local Authority Housing

Asked the minister: the position regarding the steps he is taking to assist South Dublin County Council in its efforts to deal with problems arising from the construction of council housing at an area (details supplied)...More Button

Written Answers - Professional Regulation

Asked the minister: the position regarding the submission made to him in July 2010 from Engineers Ireland on the regulation of the engineering profession here; if this submission has been considered by him; and if he wi...More Button

Written Answers - Proposed Legislation

Asked the minister: when he plans to bring in legislation to enable persons with maintenance orders from family law courts in their favour to have those maintenance orders enforced; and if he will make a statement on th...More Button

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