McDonald, Mary Lou

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 743 No. 3

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Leaders’ Questions

The Minister, Deputy Howlin, told the House the advice from the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council is independent and will be weighed up. The Minister, Deputy Noonan, has already accepted at least one pie...More Button

The Minister’s colleagues in Government have relentlessly attacked so-called lifestyle choices of people who live on €187 a week.More Button

The Minister’s colleagues in Government——More Button

The Minister’s colleagues——More Button

——have supported a strategy of big pay-offs for Anglo Irish Bank bankers, NAMA developers and ministerial advisors.More Button

The Minister, Deputy Howlin has been clear on these matters but he cannot tell us definitively as a Minister and member of the Labour Party if he will resist even more savage austerity and if he will ...More Button

I welcome Deputy Howlin’s recently found interest in the North of Ireland and its budgetary circumstances. If he examined what has happened just up the road, he would discover that despite a cut to t...More Button

I put it to the Minister again.More Button

Will the Government, with the Labour Party in it, pursue even greater austerity? Are we looking at €4 billion in cuts and tax rises?More Button

Is the commitment to protect the social welfare budget still intact or has the Labour Party capitulated to its partners in Government and the EU-IMF troika, whose presence in our country all of us lam...More Button

Will it be done on the back of social welfare recipients and the low paid?More Button

Order of Business

The Legal Services Bill was published yesterday. It is not on the draft schedule for next week. Can the Minister tell the House when it will come before the Dáil? Can he also say something about th...More Button

Sale of State Assets: Statements

The Minister’s statement of reluctance to sell off State assets or parts thereof was genuine. I urge him to listen to his instinct. I urge his colleagues in government to do likewise. This proposal...More Button

In the course of the Minister’s commentary he did not address the impact of a private stake in any of these entities. Those who would choose to invest and become shareholders have a legitimate expect...More Button

Therefore, it makes no sense on this basis to countenance selling off any portion of the company. The Minister states the merit of his proposal is that the Government will still have a majority stake...More Button

As the Minister steps down this path he opens up the prospect of a similar experience for the other commercial semi-State bodies. The Minister is very unwise to have conceded to the troika that he wo...More Button

——I am working on the assumption that the valuation of these assets is with an eye to taking a decision on whether to dispose of them in whole or in part. Let us return to first principles and remind ...More Button

If that is the Government’s strategic thinking on State equity in the banks I urge the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform to apply the same rationale to State assets. One of the problems with...More Button

I left the Chamber for only ten or 15 minutes, as can be verified. No convincing rationale for these sell-offs has been presented. The Minister makes the point that the Government would not realise t...More Button

In his own mind, the Minister is working from a position of vulnerability and pressure. He has conceded that point. First, we have heard no compelling case for partial privatisation of the assets. ...More Button

I ask the Minister to revisit all of that. Can the Minister also address the issue of the potential private shareholding in the ESB and explain to the House why he believes it would not fundamentally ...More Button

Given that the Government has not sealed that deal, the Minister needs to tell his backbenchers that it is not a done deal. They are under the impression that it is. The record of the House shows th...More Button

The Minister has been very clear. I merely urge him to clarify matters with his party colleagues.More Button

Whatever about the generalised understanding, was it not very unwise to make a concrete commitment for the sum of €2 billion before, at a very minimum, securing that understanding with the troika? I ...More Button

Written Answers - Tax and Social Welfare Codes

Asked the minister: if she will publish an analysis of the distributive and poverty impacts on families of budget 2012 tax or welfare package prior to the finalisation of the budget and the Dáil Votes. More Button

Written Answers - Social Welfare Code

Asked the minister: if she explored the possibility of using the National Asset Management Agency properties to reduce spending on the rent supplement; and if she has entered any discussions regarding same. More Button

Written Answers - National Treasury Management Agency

Asked the minister: if the National Treasury Management Agency is the appropriate body to manage the State’s shareholdings in semi-State companies in view of the secrecy that surrounds the working of the company and the...More Button

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