Adams, Gerry

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 745 No. 1

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Leaders’ Questions

Ar dtús, go n-éirí an t-ádh leis an Taoiseach ag cruinniú an Chomhaontaois Eorpaigh níos moille inniu, ach tá níos mó ná“Tá” de dhíth ón Taoiseach agus caithfidh sé athrú mór a dhéanamh. Mar shampla,...More Button

The second question is will the Taoiseach give a clear commitment not to pay €700 million to unguaranteed bondholders in Anglo Irish Bank next Wednesday? I have put this question to him at least 100 ...More Button

I do not know why the Taoiseach asked me to repeat my second question because he then ignored it entirely.More Button

A Cheann Comhairle, it is impossible to hear what is being said by the Taoiseach because his Whip keeps talking too loudly.More Button

It is quite cynical. If it was a game of football it would be a cynical foul so let us get back to the main——More Button

You will need to show red cards.More Button

Does the Taoiseach have a substitute to send to today’s meeting given his dismal efforts to keep a focus on this notion he has, that he can simply say that he rules out treaty change, that he is again...More Button

While I would disagree with Fianna Fáil, it is not good enough to blame it for what the Government will authorise next Wednesday. Will the Taoiseach make it clear that he will not allow that €700 mil...More Button

Order of Business

Question put: “That the proposal for dealing with Nos. 12 and 12a be agreed to.”
No IndicatorVoted No More Button

First of all——More Button

The parties of the Deputies haranguing the suggestion that we meet next week consistently objected to these adjournments. I propose we meet on 1 November so that the Taoiseach can do his democratic d...More Button

On a point of order——More Button

No.More Button

On a related matter, I cannot hear what is being said.More Button

I just wanted to make that point.More Button

I propose that we meet on Tuesday, 1 November. It would give us the opportunity to discuss what the Government will do on Wednesday, as meeting on Wednesday would be too late.More Button

No.More Button

No.More Button

EU Summits: Statements

Agreed.More Button

I wish to share time with Deputy Pádraig Mac Lochlainn.More Button

The handling of the euro crisis by EU leaders has been nothing short of disastrous and if current reports are to be believed, this will continue today. The leaders of France and Germany seem to have ...More Button

The President of the European Council spoke of the need to strengthen economic convergence. Does the Taoiseach go along with that? At the conclusion of last Sunday’s meeting, it was reported that EU...More Button

I am accurate in my words. Just watch this space. We have been here before. Does the Taoiseach remember the Nice and Lisbon treaties? How many referenda will we have or will we have any at all?More Button

Clearly, the Taoiseach agreed to the treaty changes which were discussed on Sunday and this does not square with his previous objections on that position. If I may say so, his previous position was t...More Button

Another way is possible. Other choices can be made. The Taoiseach can end the madness by going to Brussels today and by refusing to stand over this hand-over next week. I am extremely disappointed t...More Button

I am, because I want to have the opportunity to discuss these issues and to be informed by the Taoiseach——More Button

I want to be informed by the Taoiseach of his policies and the reasons behind them. If I agree with him I want the opportunity to put my agreement on the record and if I do not agree with him I want ...More Button

I thank the Minister for her clarity. I spent months, including up to today, trying to get that clarity from the Taoiseach. When I asked him earlier if the Government will be seeking a write-down of...More Button

First, will the Government recognise even at this late stage that it has a duty to put the issue of a write-down of Irish banking debt at today’s summit? Second, could the Minister of State give us s...More Button

I did not ask that question.More Button

The Minister is not answering my two questions.More Button

I did not ask about Greece.More Button

I asked about treaty change and the change in the Government position.More Button

I thank the Minister of State for her clarity which was very refreshing. She should, perhaps, take Leaders’ Questions and the Taoiseach’s questions from herein.More Button

The promissory note covering Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide is not part of the troika memorandum of understanding so this is a decision of the Government. Why does the Minister of State not sa...More Button

Did the Minister of State attempt to put it on the agenda and, if so, was it refused or was no attempt made to put it on the agenda?More Button

Written Answers - Port Development

Asked the minister: the developments that have taken place at Dundalk Port, County Louth, since he announced his intention to amalgamate Dundalk Port with Dublin Port; and his plans for future developments at Dundalk Po...More Button

Asked the minister: the position regarding the development of a future ports policy; when he will publish his proposals on this area; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

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