Kenny, Enda

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 745 No. 1

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Leaders’ Questions

There has not been a 10% reduction in SNA numbers. A total of 10% were held back for very good reasons, for example, for cases where sickness or injury might occur, for new pupils and so forth. The ...More Button

As a former Minister for Education the Deputy will be aware that the end of the school year is the end of next June.More Button

Of course, and it is the calendar year as well. There are 80 special educational needs organisers, SENOs, dealing with 18,000 pupils in this case. The Deputy made an allegation of a disconnect and c...More Button

There is an addressing of the reality as we find it. In this case, the Deputy has articulated a valid question. The Minister for Education and Skills accepts his responsibilities and is dealing dire...More Button

What was the Deputy’s second question?More Button

Gabhaim buíochas leis an Teachta as a ráiteas ag súil go mbeidh an t-ádh linn nuair a bheidh na díospóireachtaí seo críochnaithe, anocht nó maidin amárach. Níl a fhios agam ag an bpointe seo cé chomh...More Button

The Deputy asked about the €700 million. This is not a payment from the Exchequer in the next couple of weeks. This money was allocated by the previous Government to Anglo Irish Bank to pay off thes...More Button

It is called a promissory note. What we are looking at are discussions and negotiations that can bring about a reduction in the overall level of debt on Irish citizens and a number of opportunities a...More Button

The Deputy is making allegations that do not stand up. I am only one of the 17 leaders who represents the eurozone countries and one of the 27 who deals with the question of the European Union and th...More Button

That is a fact. What we are dealing with now is the consequence and legacy of that.More Button

That means one must use the flexibility of the instruments that were signed off in July——More Button

——to get our overall debt burden down. We have reduced it by approximately €10 billion over the period of the programme——More Button

——because of the interest rate reductions. I would love to be able to say we are in a position now——More Button

——where we could make an announcement such as that but I cannot.More Button

We must deal with the consequences of the legacy position of the Anglo Irish Bank promissory note.More Button

The Deputy will miss the opportunity if he thinks the Government can just change that which was signed off on by the previous Government.More Button

We are dealing with the legacy of it which means that one must find different ways of negotiating to get the debt level down.More Button

We are all interested in the least amount of payment, which is a crushing burden on the Irish taxpayer, as a consequence of what happened. That is where the politics and the negotiations for the futu...More Button

There is no point in me standing up in the Dáil and saying to the Irish people that this is going to be sorted out when we have treaty change.More Button

From past experience, treaty change takes so long to implement——More Button

We must deal with the crisis now. The first meeting of the Heads of State and Government——More Button

——was put off last Sunday week. It was held on last Sunday. The second meeting will be held this evening because of the requirement of some leaders to go back to their parliaments, discuss the issue...More Button

Right.More Button

I do not have the details on the position of St. Michael’s House to hand. For the first time the delivery of mental health services is being made a central part of the delivery of health services in ...More Button

I do believe in a just society. In order to arrive at a situation where that can apply, the structure of the way we deliver services and how Government and its agencies and the services of the State ...More Button

Order of Business

It is proposed to take No. 12, motion re proposed approval by Dáil Éireann of the terms of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (back from committee); No. 12a, motion re statement of Esti...More Button

What is the objection?More Button

Question put: “That the proposal for dealing with Nos. 12 and 12a be agreed to.”
Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

Deputy Martin spoke about this situation being incredible and quite extraordinary and said that it reminded him of the collapse in 2008.More Button

I am sure Deputy Martin shares my view that it is very necessary that the Oireachtas is able to find out what happened in the course of that crisis and why decisions were made in the way they were. I...More Button

The fundamental questions we are being asked to decide on Sunday are the question of Greece being let down, whether there is sufficient moneys in the €109 billion approved originally, how we leverage ...More Button

As part of that process, I want Deputy Martin to understand that the Minister for Finance will be in Berlin on Wednesday, where there will be a meeting. I have called a Cabinet meeting for Tuesday to...More Button

To be clear, the House will sit at 10.30 a.m. on Wednesday and not at 2.30 p.m. and we will not have the week off like we used to year after year when Deputy Martin’s party was in Government.More Button

Must I move the amendment?More Button

——he should move that the Dáil shall sit at 10.30 a.m. next Wednesday.More Button

I propose an amendment to the motion, namely, that Dáil Éireann shall meet next Wednesday at 10.30 a.m. and next Thursday at 10.30 a.m.More Button

EU Summits: Statements

I am happy to have this opportunity to brief the House on the European Council and the euro summit meeting, which took place in Brussels on Sunday last, 23 October. As the House will be aware, we are...More Button

I thank the Deputies. Good progress was also made on restoring confidence on Europe’s banks through enhancing the quality and quantity of capital available to them and through ensuring their medium-te...More Button

That is actually accepted.More Button

He will be back in December.More Button

Provided it is in everybody’s interest.More Button

They agreed to explore the possibility of limited treaty change. The Deputy should be accurate with his words.More Button

The words were “explore the possibility”.More Button

The Deputy looks every inch sorry about that.More Button

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