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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 754 No. 4

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  203.  Deputy Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin  Information on Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin  Zoom on Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin   asked the Minister for Health  Information on Dr James Reilly  Zoom on Dr James Reilly   if he will provide the breakdown, by profession and-or responsibility, of the total expected departure of all health service employees by the end of the current month; and if he will make a statement on the matter. [7217/12]

  208.  Deputy Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin  Information on Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin  Zoom on Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin   asked the Minister for Health  Information on Dr James Reilly  Zoom on Dr James Reilly   the detail of his dynamic contingency plan to address the imminent crisis that will present following the signalled departure of up to 3,700 employees across the health service. [7222/12]

Minister for Health (Deputy James Reilly): Information on Dr James Reilly  Zoom on Dr James Reilly  I propose to take Questions Nos. 203 and 208 together.

The Government has determined that, in line with its commitment to reduce the size of the public service, health sector employment numbers must be reduced to approximately 102,000 in 2012. The cumulative impact of staff reductions from this year and previous years represents a significant challenge for the health system in delivering services. The priority is to reform how health services are delivered in order to ensure a more productive and cost effective health system.

The most recent information available from the HSE indicates that, over the period from September 2011 to end-February 2012, some 3,800 health service staff will have retired from the health service. Of this total, approximately 2,200 persons (54%) have already retired during the five-month period to the end of January 2012, while the remainder have indicated that they will leave by the end of February 2012. It should be noted that these figures refer to the number of individuals rather than wholetime equivalents (WTE). It should also be noted that this data is subject to change in the event of additional applications being received or existing applications being withdrawn.

Contingency planning is being undertaken as part of the annual National Service Planning process. All factors, including budgets, staffing levels and other emerging issues, including the impact of “Grace Period” retirements are being factored into the regional plans which the HSE is currently finalising. I also intend to review the HSE Service Plan once the full impact of staff leaving at the end of the 29 February “grace period” is known.

The scale of retirements to take place by 29th February 2012 will prove challenging for the health services. The HSE is seeking to mitigate the impact of these retirements through the implementation of the National Clinical Programmes, targeted investment and recruitment as set out in the National Service Plan and in utilising the provisions of the Public Service Agreement (PSA) to bring about greater flexibilities. The measures under the PSA include flexibilit[782]ies in work practices and rosters, redeployment and other changes to achieve more efficient delivery of services.

The following table sets out the latest data from HSE broken down by grade:

Retirements by Grade as at 1st Feb 2012

Grade at Retirement Total
Advanced Nurse Practitioner (General) 1
Ambulance Officer 2
Area Medical Officer 11
Area Medical Officer — Senior 6
Associate Specialist 1
Attendant, Multi-Task 161
Attendant/Aide 93
Biochemist 1
Biochemist, Principal 1
Boilerman 7
C.S.S.D. Operative 11
Cardiac Catheterisation Tech., Senior 1
Care Assistant (Intellectual Disability Services) 82
Care Group Specialist 1
Caretaker 12
Casualty Officer 1
Catering Officer Grade I 2
Catering Officer, Grade II 4
Catering Supervisor 2
Catering/Cleaner/Assistant 40
Chaplain 5
Chargehand 3
Chef I 10
Chef II 8
Chef, Senior 2
Chief Executive Officer 2
Child Care Manager 9
Chiropodist/ Podiatrist 1
Cleaner 6
Clerical Officer 131
Clerk of Works 1
Clinical Nurse Instructor/Teacher 2
Clinical Nurse Manager 1 78
Clinical Nurse Manager 1 (Mental Health) 10
Clinical Nurse Manager 2 196
Clinical Nurse Manager 2 — Night 6
Clinical Nurse Manager 2 — Theatre 2
Clinical Nurse Manager 2 (Mental Health) 89
Clinical Nurse Manager 3 29
Clinical Nurse Manager 3 — Night 6
Clinical Nurse Manager 3 — Theatre 1
Clinical Nurse Manager 3 (Mental Health) 4
Clinical Nurse Specialist (General) 22
Clinical Nurse Specialist (Mental Health) 11
Clinical Photographer, Senior 1
Community Welfare Officer 13
Community Welfare Officer, Supt. 3
Consultant Anaesthetist 14
Consultant Cardiologist 1
Consultant Chemical Pathologist 2
Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist 1
Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist 11
Consultant General Paediatrician 4
Consultant General Physician 6
Consultant General Surgeon 14
Consultant Histopathologist 1
Consultant in Emergency Medicine 1
Consultant Learning Disability Psychiatry Child 3
Consultant Medical Oncologist 1
Consultant Nephrologist and General Physician 1
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist 4
Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon 4
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon 1
Consultant Paediatric Surgeon 1
Consultant Physician in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 1
Consultant Psychiatrist in the Psychiatry of Old Age 2
Consultant Psychiatrist of Learning Disability (adult) 4
Consultant Radiologist 8
Consultant Unclassified 6
Consultant Urologist 2
Cook, Trainee 1
Counsellor 5
Counsellor / Therapist (National Counselling Services) 1
Counsellor Therapist (Adult Counselling Services) 2
Craftsman’s Mate 13
Dental Nurse 9
Dental Surgeon, General 7
Dental Surgeon, Principal 2
Dental Surgeon, Senior 4
Dental Surgeon, Senior Administrative 1
Dental Surgery Assistant (without qualification) 12
Dietician Manager 3
Dietician Manager-In-Charge III 1
Dietician, Senior 2
Director of Nursing/ Midwifery Education Centre 1
Director of Care 1
Director of Nursing and Midwifery 1
Director of Nursing (Mental Health) 1
Director of Nursing (Mental Health), Assistant 20
Director of Nursing 1 9
Director of Nursing 1, Assistant 22
Director of Nursing 2 2
Director of Nursing 2, Assistant 14
Director of Nursing 3 3
Director of Nursing 4 7
Director of Nursing 4, Assistant 5
Director of Nursing 5 4
Director of Nursing, Deputy 3
Director of Public Health Nursing 9
Director of Public Health Nursing, Assistant 23
Domestic 115
Domestic Supervisor 2
Driver 18
Driver (Doctor-on-call) 2
Driver (Patients/Clients on Public Roads) 4
Driver, Minibus 6
E.C.G. Technician 1
Electrician 5
Emergency Medical Controller 3
Emergency Medical Controller — Team Leader 1
Emergency Medical Technician (Ambulance Attendant) 7
Emergency Medical Technician (Ambulance Driver) 17
Emergency Medical Technician, Leading 3
Engineer/Engineering Officer 1
Environmental Health Officer 2
Environmental Health Officer, Principal 5
Family Support Worker 12
Functional Officer 3
Gardener/Groundsman 2
Gardener/Groundsman Head 1
General Assistant 4
General Manager 5
General Operative 12
Grade IV 70
Grade V 28
Grade VI 26
Grade VII 25
Grade VIII 20
Health Care Assistants 60
Health Promotion Officer 1
Home Help 192
Home Help Co-Ordinator 3
Hostel Supervisor 8
House Officer, Senior 2
Household Services Manager 1
Housekeeper 3
Housekeeper, Assistant 5
Instructor 18
Laboratory Manager 3
Labourer 1
Laundry Worker 8
Linen Room/Laundry Supervisor 1
Local Health Office Manager — PCCC (HSE) 2
Maintenance Craftsman/Technician 13
Maintenance Foreman 10
Maintenance Foreman, Assistant 1
Maintenance Manager 3
Maintenance Officer 2
Medical Laboratory Aide 1
Medical Officer 11
Medical Officer, Principal 1
Medical Officer, Senior 2
Medical Scientist 27
Medical Scientist, Chief 17
Medical Scientist, Senior 26
Medical Scientist, Specialist 1
Miscellaneous Childcare, Support Services 1
National Director, Assistant (PCCC/NHO/Pop Health) 1
National Planning Specialist 1
Neurophysiological Measurement Technician, Senior 1
Nurse Tutor 1
Nurse Tutor (Psychiatric) 2
Nurse, Mental Health Community 1
Nursery Nurse 3
Nurses Aide 1
Nursing/Midwifery Clinical Placement Co-ordinator 1
Occupational Health Physician 1
Occupational Therapist 1
Occupational Therapist Manager 3
Occupational Therapist, Senior 12
Occupational Therapy Assistant 1
Orthoptist, Senior 3
Other Patient and Client Care Unclassified 1
Painter 3
Pathology Technician, Senior 2
Pensioners 12
Pharmaceutical Technician 1
Pharmaceutical Technician, Senior 1
Pharmacist 1
Pharmacist, Chief II 1
Pharmacist, Senior 3
Pharmacy Assistant 1
Phlebotomist 7
Phlebotomist, Senior 1
Physiotherapist 1
Physiotherapist Manager 2
Physiotherapist, Senior 6
Physiotherapist-in-charge (Grade III) 1
Physiotherapy Assistant 1
Play Therapist, Senior 1
Plumber 3
Porter 35
Porter, Head 3
Porter, Theatre 7
Programme Manager 2
Project Manager 1
Project Worker 3
Psychologist, Clinical 4
Psychologist, Principal Clinical 6
Psychologist, Senior Clinical 11
Public Health Nurse 101
Public Health, Specialist 3
Radiation Therapist, Clinical Specialist 2
Radiographer 6
Radiographer, Clinical Specialist 3
Radiographer, Senior 6
Radiography Aide 1
Radiography Service Manager, I 5
Radiography Service manager, II 2
Registrar 3
Registrar, Senior 1
Respiratory Technician, Senior 1
S.E.N. (General) 8
S.E.N. (Psychiatric) 1
Seamstress/Tailor 5
Security Guard 2
Service Function Officer 1
Social Care Leader 25
Social Care Manager 3
Social Care Worker 37
Social Work Practitioner, Senior 9
Social Worker 20
Social Worker (Non-professionally qualified) 3
Social Worker, Medical 3
Social Worker, Principal 18
Social Worker, Psychiatric Senior 3
Social Worker, Senior Medical 2
Social Worker, Team Leader 13
Speech and Language Therapist 1
Speech and Language Therapist Manager 4
Speech and Language Therapist, Clinical Specialist 1
Speech and Language Therapist, Senior 2
Staff Midwife 19
Staff Midwife, Senior 18
Staff Nurse — General 369
Staff Nurse — Intellectual Disability 8
Staff Nurse General (Community) 12
Staff Nurse Senior, Mental Health (Nursing Bank) 1
Staff Nurse, Community Mental Health 8
Staff Nurse, Dual Qualified (General) 34
Staff Nurse, Dual Qualified (Intellectual Disability) 2
Staff Nurse, Dual Qualified (Mental Health) 3
Staff Nurse, Mental Health 113
Staff Nurse, Senior (Dual Qualified) 91
Staff Nurse, Senior (Dual-Qualified Mental Health)

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