Fleming, Seán

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 762 No. 3

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Priority Questions - Sale of State Assets

Asked the minister: if he will ensure that the sale of State assets will not include the disposal of any assets of a company involved in the provision of water supply to households throughout the country; and if he wil...More Button

Perhaps the Minister did not get the gist of the purpose of my question. Earlier this year, on 22 February, the Minister announced the Government had decided to sell Bord Gáis Éireann’s energy busine...More Button

In his opening comment the Minister spoke about an independent subsidiary. These two words are mutually contradictory; a subsidiary is under something else and not independent by definition. Will th...More Button

Will the Minister accept that the more he speaks the more he confuses the issue in the public mind? The Minister stated in his initial reply that Irish Water would be an independent subsidiary of Bor...More Button

It does not own the shares in its subsidiary companies.More Button

It does not, Bord Gáis owns them. The Minister should check company law. One does not own the assets of a company just because one owns a share in it. That is a fact. I again plead with the Minist...More Button

BGE will be the parent company.More Button

No. It owns a share of it.More Button

Priority Questions - National Lottery

Asked the minister: if he will he ensure, in relation to the sale of the valuable national lottery licence by the State, that the issues highlighted in respect of the sale of the second mobile telephone licence will no...More Button

I thank the Minister. I acknowledge that he addressed the last portion of my question, namely, the percentage for good causes and prizes in the retailers’ margin, but the essence of my question was d...More Button

I have finished my question, Deputy.More Button

Will the Minister issue it publicly?More Button

I am pleased to hear that and I would welcome the protocol’s publication, which was news to me. Will the Minister consider the lobbyist Bill? During this process, which will last for 12 months or so...More Button

Other Questions - Public Service Staff

I thank the Minister for the information where he indicated that 8,000 have retired up to the end of February and he expects possibly another 500 to leave over the subsequent ten months up to the end ...More Button

The Minister mentioned some time ago that the next set of retirements would be targeted.More Button

He might explain what he means by that. Will retirement be made available for specific grades while other grades are excluded, or will it apply to a certain coterie of employees with X number of year...More Button

Other Questions - National Monuments

I thank the Minister of State for the information provided to date. I would welcome the full list he stated could be provided. He noted there were guides at 69 sites throughout the country. At how ...More Button

Other Questions - Croke Park Agreement

I ask the Minister to take up the issue of the Croke Park agreement in subsequent meetings. I am being kind when I described the format and content of the original annual report as unsatisfactory. W...More Button

Other Questions - Sale of State Assets

We mentioned the national lottery licence earlier and I would consider that to be a State asset. Does it come under the remit of these discussions and if not, why not? Is the troika happy the sale o...More Button

Order of Business

Question put. “That the proposal for dealing with No. 16 be agreed to.”
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It was done on foot of my suggestion. Deputies should check the record.More Button

Question put.
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Social Welfare and Pensions Bill 2012: Second Stage (Resumed)

Question put.
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Social Welfare and Pensions Bill 2012: Motion to Instruct Committee

I reject this motion emphatically. Everything about it is wrong. It should not be here. Such a mess has been made of this legislation that the only decent thing for the Minister to do is to withdra...More Button

Yes. I am amazed that within 14 months the Minister has followed down this road. It is five months since budget day. Nobody believes there was not enough time to draft this legislation. Maybe the p...More Button

Question put.
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Written Answers - Departmental Correspondence

Asked the minister: when he will reply to correspondence dated 2 of March 2012 and 13 March 2012 from a person (details supplied) in County Laois; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

Written Answers - Parliamentary Questions

Asked the minister: the number of written Parliamentary Questions replied to from 1 January to the 31 March 2012 and if he will outline the number of these that were answered in full, the number that related to issues i...More Button

Written Answers - Human Rights Issues

Asked the minister: if he will inquire with the Chinese authorities into the current whereabouts and position of a person (details supplied), a Chinese national who was studying here, who was arrested for highlighting t...More Button

Written Answers - Citizenship Applications

Asked the minister: the average time from the date of application for naturalisation to a decision; the number of applications on hand for over three years; the longest period that a person is waiting for a decision at ...More Button

Asked the minister: when an application for naturalisation which was lodged on 7 May 2008 will be decided in respect of a person (details supplied) in County Laois; and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

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