Douglas, James Green

Friday, 12 December 1924

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 3 No. 25

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I had not an opportunity of consulting with you. My suggestion is that if we adjourn there would be no doubt, but if we were to pass a resolution there would be. There has been a question of the len...More Button

Senator Esmonde has shown by his remarks that there are considerable difficulties.More Button


I think No. 2 deals with that. No. 1 deals with an amendment to Section 1, sub-section (1). For all practical purposes they are the same amendment and one is consequential on the other. I move that...More Button

I move that the Seanad insist on amendments 1 and 2: 1. In Section 1 (1) the word “or,” line 22, deleted and after the word “day” in the same line, the words “or St. Patrick's Day” inserted. 2. In S...More Button

I beg to move that the Senate insist on amendment No. 9. It was not my intention to move in this matter but Senator Moore is absent, and he and I had some discussion on this matter. He told me it was...More Button


Is it clear that we will not have to meet next week in any case?More Button

It would depend on that. It would also depend on the Port and Docks Bill. It is almost inevitable that we will have one meeting next week.More Button

It is proposed that if we adjourn until four o'clock that we will then suspend the Standing Orders and take that Railways (Directorate) Bill through all its stages.More Button

Unless for a very good reason to the contrary, we should keep to three o'clock. Again and again, I have heard expressions from Senators who did not happen to be present when the hour of meeting was c...More Button

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