Barrington, William

Tuesday, 7 April 1925

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 4 No. 19

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In connection with Section 8, I should like to call attention to an amendment made by the Dáil on the last day the Bill was before them, which, it seems to me, is conflicting with the principle which ...More Button

Having regard to the explanation of the President, I withdraw my objection. Question put and agreed to. Sections 9, 10, 11 and 12, First and Second Schedules and Title of the Bill, put and agreed to.More Button


With reference to the statement of the Minister, I would like to point out, as one who has spent a considerable portion of his life in preparing plans for Private Bill Committees, that as regards this...More Button

Is it 10 per cent. on the price per unit?More Button

Do you mean that the quantities cannot vary more than 10 per cent.?More Button

How does this 10 per cent. come in? I have often known a cutting, estimated to be clay, to turn out to be rock. Suppose a large portion of a cutting, supposed to be clay, turned out to be rock, am I...More Button

This 10 per cent. is, I suppose, the usual 10 per cent. allowed for contingencies in all estimates of this kind?More Button

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