Mayo, Earl of

Thursday, 10 December 1925

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 6 No. 2

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Senator O'Farrell has made a very clever speech. I have heard such speeches made before. He speaks for the Labour Party. I have no quarrel with them, but I regret to hear that they intend to offer ...More Button

With your leave, sir, I will proceed. Senator O'Farrell complained that people who criticise this scheme in the same way as it is criticised here were treated with ridicule. Let me just read what oc...More Button

Well, I do not know whether it is disputed or not, but what I am reading is from the Official Report.More Button

I mention it, as I thought it might annoy you to notice that. I should like to deal with some other things that Senator O'Farrell very cleverly put. He said it was purely an engineering undertaking....More Button

You must have men to move the stuff for the engineers, and these men are really agricultural labourers. They are not navvies.More Button

A navvy is a man who is paid a navvy's wages.More Button

For doing what? I will tell you, as you have asked me a question—for doing a very dangerous job indeed, wheeling a barrow with clay up along a narrow plank. That is exactly the difficulty we have in ...More Button

No, I did not, but I have seen these navvies frying their beef-steaks on a shovel.More Button

I am not going to follow Senator O'Farrell into his technical terms or into the meticulous finances that he dealt with. He really made out that we were going to borrow money at I do not know what, a...More Button

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