Wednesday, 12 December 1928

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 11 No. 1

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[13]CATHAOIRLEACH:  I will now take nominations for the election of the Leas-Chathaoirleach.

Mr. DOWDALL: Information on James Charles Dowdall  Zoom on James Charles Dowdall  I have pleasure in proposing for the Vice-Chair the name of Senator O'Farrell. He has been a member of the House since its inception, and we all know that he has been a hard-working, if not the most hard-working, member of the Assembly. His contributions on every occasion, but more particularly when anything of importance or of a critical character was under discussion, have always been helpful and useful. On general affairs in connection with Bills dealing with such matters as local government, which attracted no general public interest but which were in themselves of great use, he has consistently done work of a most thorough-going and useful kind. He is a constant attendant, he is earnest in everything he undertakes, and he is, and always has been, a very vigilant custodian of the rights and privileges of the House. I have much pleasure in proposing his name.

Mr. FARREN: Information on Thomas Farren  Zoom on Thomas Farren  I beg to second the motion before the House. I do not need to say anything on it other than that we do not think that there is any necessity in our quarter to advertise our goods, because we believe our goods advertise themselves. I think the record of the Senator whose name is before the House is quite sufficient.

Mr. O'ROURKE: Information on Brian ORourke  Zoom on Brian ORourke  I have great pleasure in proposing the name of Senator Kenny as Leas-Chathaoirleach for the next three years. Senator Kenny has been a very useful member of this body since its start. He has been connected with city and county administration in this country for the last twenty or thirty years, and for eight or nine years past he has been unanimously chosen as Chairman of the General Council of County Councils, one of the most important bodies in the country in connection with public administration. With Senator Kenny as our Vice-Chairman, we would have a link with general public administration, and I [14] think that in every way he is a very suitable man for the position.

Mr. TOAL: Information on Thomas Toal  Zoom on Thomas Toal  I have very great pleasure in seconding the motion moved by Senator O'Rourke.

Mr. COMYN: Information on Michael Comyn  Zoom on Michael Comyn  I have the honour to propose the name of Senator Maurice Moore. I regard it as a high honour to do so, because if he is elected to the Vice-Chair he will carry to it a name that has been honoured in Ireland, a name that was honoured in his father and will be honoured in him. I am glad that so many of you are young men, but those of you who are old will perhaps remember that George Henry Moore, the father of Senator Moore, was a national leader of the people in the troubled years of the last century from 1851 to 1870. For that reason, amongst others, I beg to propose Senator Moore for the Vice-Chair. I place that reason first, because I wish that in this assembly national traditions should be upheld and that the past should not be forgotten. But there are other reasons why I propose Senator Moore. You must have experience of the work which he did in this assembly. I am a new member, but I have had an opportunity of judging the sterling qualities of Senator Moore. Some of you may say that they are somewhat of Roman ruggedness, but still they are there; you see that he is a sterling, honest man. The third reason, and, I submit, the most cogent reason to have in an assembly like this, is that Senator Moore is a member of the second largest Party here. I put him forward as the nominee of Sinn Fein, of the Fianna Fáil Party—call it what you like—the Republican Party in this assembly. We are the second largest Party. We put forward a candidate in the Dáil for the Vice-Chair. He was not accepted. I am glad that Labour is represented in the Vice-Chair in the Dáil. Labour now puts forward a candidate for the Vice-Chair, although they are not the second largest Party. That is my excuse, if any excuse were needed, for proposing the name of Senator Moore in opposition to anybody in this assembly.

Mr. O'DOHERTY: Information on Joseph O'Doherty  Zoom on Joseph O'Doherty  I wish to second Senator Comyn's proposal nominating [15] Senator Moore for the position of Leas-Chathaoirleach.

CATHAOIRLEACH:  Three names have been proposed, and Senators may [16] vote for one or for two. After that we shall eliminate one candidate and take a vote as between the other two.

The voting was as follows:—Senator O'Farrell, 31; Senator Kenny, 28; Senator Moore, 18.

John Bagwell. Dr. Barniville. Mrs. Clarke.
W. Barrington. Sir E. Bellingham. M. Comyn.
Sir E. Bigger. Mrs. Costello. J. Connolly.
A. Byrne. J.C. Counihan. Mrs. Costello.
J.C. Counihan. The Countess of Desart. M. Duffy.
W. Cummins. M. Duffy. J.C. Dowdall.
The Countess of Desart. M. Fanning. Sir T. Esmonde.
J.G. Douglas. T. Foran. T. Foran.
J.C. Dowdall. Dr. Gogarty. Sir W. Hickie.
Sir T. Esmonde. C. Kennedy. T. Linehan.
M. Fanning. P.W. Kenny. S.E. McEllin.
T. Farren. T. Linehan. Col. Moore.
Dr. Gogarty. J. MacKean. J. O'Doherty.
Mrs. Green. J. McLoughlin. J.T. O'Farrell.
Sir J. Griffith. Sir B. Mahon. B. O'Rourke.
H.S. Guinness. S. Milroy. Mrs. Wyse Power.
Sir W. Hickie. W.J. Molloy. S. Robinson.
Right Hon. A. Jameson. Col. Moore. T. Toal.
T. Johnson. Sir W. Nugent.
Sir J. Keane. J. O'Connor.
C. Kennedy. M.F. O'Hanlon.
The Marquess of Lansdowne. B. O'Rourke.
The McGillycuddy. Dr. O'Sullivan.
Sir B. Mahon. J.J. Parkinson.
W.J. Molloy. Mrs. Wyse Power.
J. Moran. W. Sears.
J. O'Connor. T. Toal.
J.T. O'Farrell. R. Wilson.
M.F. O'Hanlon.
Dr. O'Sullivan.
R. Wilson.

CATHAOIRLEACH:  The name of Senator Moore is now eliminated, and a vote will take place between Senators O'Farrell and Kenny.

The voting was as follows.

Dr. Henry L. Barniville.

Sir Edward Bellingham.

Mrs. Costello.

John C. Counihan.

Michael Duffy.

Michael Fanning.

Thomas Foran.

Dr. O. St. J. Gogarty.

Cornelius Kennedy.

Patrick W. Kenny.

Thomas Linehan.

James MacKean.

John MacLoughlin.

General Sir Bryan Mahon.

Seán Milroy.

William John Molloy.

Colonel Moore.

Sir Walter Nugent.

Joseph O'Connor.

Michael F. O'Hanlon.

Bernard O'Rourke.

Dr. William O'Sullivan.

James J. Parkinson.

Siobhán Bean an Phaoraigh.

William Sears.

Thomas Toal.

Richard Wilson.

John Bagwell.

William Barrington.

Sir Edward Coey Bigger.

Alfred Byrne.

William Cummins.

The Countess of Desart.

James G. Douglas.

J. C. Dowdall.

Sir Thomas Grattan Esmonde.

Thomas Farren.

Mrs. Stopford Green.

Sir John Purser Griffith.

Henry S. Guinness.

Major-General Sir William Hickie.

Right Hon. Andrew Jameson.

Thomas Johnson.

Sir John Keane.

The Marquess of Lansdowne.

The McGillycuddy.

James Moran.

John T. O'Farrell.

DID NOT VOTE:—Caitlin Bean Uí Chléirigh, Joseph Connolly, Michael Comyn, K.C.; Joseph O'Doherty, Séumas Robinson.

CATHAOIRLEACH:  The result of the voting is:—Twenty-seven votes for Senator Kenny and twenty-one for Senator O'Farrell. I declare Senator Kenny elected.

Mr. KENNY: Information on Patrick W Kenny  Zoom on Patrick W Kenny  I beg to thank the Senators.

When Senators Mrs. Clarke and Joseph Connolly were called on to record their votes, they answered “Not voting.”

Dr. GOGARTY: Information on Oliver St John Gogarty  Zoom on Oliver St John Gogarty  Under our Standing Orders, was it not decided some time ago that every Senator present has to vote when a division is being taken?

CATHAORLEACH:  I think all present must vote.

Mr. DOUGLAS: Information on James Green Douglas  Zoom on James Green Douglas  Under what Standing Order is a Senator forced to vote?

Dr. GOGARTY: Information on Oliver St John Gogarty  Zoom on Oliver St John Gogarty  It was ruled before in this House that everyone in this Chamber had to vote.

Mr. McLOUGHLIN: Information on John MacLoughlin  Zoom on John MacLoughlin  Three years ago Senator Douglas himself refused to vote.

[18]CATHAOIRLEACH:  A Senator can refuse to vote if he wishes.

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