Mulcahy, Richard James

Wednesday, 19 December 1928

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 11 No. 3

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There is more in this amendment than something hanging on the taking out of the word “alderman” and doing away with aldermen. Leaving out the word “alderman” would mean a change in the description o...More Button

That is very important. Dáil Eireann is more important to the phraseology of the country than what we are going to call an alderman. As far as I am informed, alderman is a title of honour. In so fa...More Button

If it is desired to take out the word “alderman” then you will have to arrange by some descriptive clause to say what the Corporation shall be called in future, and you will want to have the manager t...More Button

I am very much opposed to the amendment and to the suggestion out of which the amendment arises. The Lord Mayor of Cork will occupy a very important and difficult position. Not only will he be the f...More Button

I understand that there are four quarterly meetings fixed by statute for county boroughs. Other meetings will come in between them, and are fixed by the council according to their standing orders or r...More Button

Yes. Sections 6 and 7 put and agreed to. SECTION 8. (1) The Council shall directly exercise and perform all and every of the powers, functions and duties of the Corporation in relation to the followi...More Button

I am afraid that the Senator can hardly have read the Bill very carefully, because Section 17 gives details of how the estimate is to appear before the council, and what the procedure on its discussio...More Button

In the course of this discussion we have gone through many subjects, from a new scheme of housing and the purchase of a refuse destructor down to the purchase of a packet of pins. It is largely becau...More Button

What, in fact, Senator Johnson says is: “You do not want this Bill at all, because you have Section 73 of the Local Government Act, 1925,” which says:More Button

In so far as the town clerk has a special position under past statutes, he must occupy to the manager in respect of these powers, duties and responsibilities that the manager is now saddled with from ...More Button

You have the Local Officers and Employees Act, which deals with such appointments as town clerks, or positions requiring technical qualifications, and in so far as clerical positions are concerned, th...More Button

So much so that the Department has had to wash its hands completely of the holding of examinations for clerical appointments, because it felt that it could not get rid of the stain that it was, to som...More Button

Attempts have been made to picture the town clerk as the personal clerk, as it were, of the council. If you are going to have a clerk of that kind, then you have to think of detaching an official fro...More Button

The presence of Mr. Monahan's name in this measure arises out of the circumstances in which the Bill was first introduced. I would like to say that if I had to canvass the Dáil or the Seanad on the m...More Button

The amendment proposes to constrain the judgment of the Local Appointments Commissioners. Under the Act in existence, Section 5 (3), the Local Appointments Commissioners “shall recommend to the local ...More Button

I will reply first to the point mentioned by Senator Brown, and mentioned earlier by Senator Comyn. In sub-section (6) of Section 44 of the Act of 1925 a person who is removed from office in certain ...More Button

Subject to the Minister. That is on the question of his efficient working. They have full power to remove him at 55 if they are not satisfied that he is competent to carry on the work, or really if ...More Button

It is explicit in the Bill that the complication that the Senator foresees will not arise. Section 9 (2) says that every person appointed to be a manager shall, by virtue of such appointment, be an ...More Button

This amendment must be treated from the point of view as to whether it should apply generally to the position of city manager or whether it should apply to the Cork manager only. The question of a C...More Button

This is a proposal which is in general accordance with the ordinary law bearing on the matter of remuneration of Government officials, of the ordinary law as it applies, amongst others, to local offic...More Button

So far as the power of suggestion is concerned there is no question.More Button

I spoke of county surveyors' salaries. In fixing these on a particular grade we take into consideration the representations of local authorities in the matter. The fact that we make this the responsi...More Button

Certainly. Amendment put and declared carried. Question—“That Section 10, as amended, stand part of the Bill”—put and agreed to. SECTION 11 (2). (2) At the beginning of every month the manager shall c...More Button

That amendment is acceptable. Amendment put and agreed to. Question—“That Section 11, as amended, stand part of the Bill”—put and agreed to.More Button

I think the amendment should be made to read, “Act or any.”More Button

I am informed that the number of such orders would run to hundreds every month. In very many cases they would refer to such matters as appointing a tenant for a house or ordering action to be taken o...More Button

Yes. That is what I have to say to Senators on that matter. On the other hand, you have in Section 11: “The manager shall, whenever requested by the Lord Mayor so to do, afford to the Lord Mayor all...More Button

I submit that that is implied in Section 11.More Button

That is a question that could be considered on the Report Stage if Senator Johnson would agree that it would meet his point. In Section 15 (3) there is the provision that “the town clerk shall keep ...More Button

That is my information.More Button

Under Section 11 the Lord Mayor can make arrangements. It would be unreasonable that there would be any difficulty arising in the matter. It would be impossible to classify the matters under which th...More Button

Sub-section (1) (f) of Section 8 refers to the taking of legal proceedings in connection with certain matters, such as rights of way, railways, etc.—the powers conferred by Section 5 of the Borough Fu...More Button

My information is that it refers to certain proceedings—rights of way, railways, and matters arising out of such things as rights of way. I can have that matter further looked into before the Report ...More Button

With regard to the other section, it is intended that in respect of these matters—the functions and duties of the Corporation vested in the manager—he shall be able to take legal proceedings without r...More Button

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