Blythe, Ernest

Wednesday, 10 June 1931

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 14 No. 21

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Betting Bill, 1930—Committee.

This matter was before the Seanad four or five years ago, when the original Bill was under discussion. An amendment to the same effect as the present amendment was then defeated. The same question w...More Button

That is the sort of question in regard to foreigners that is decided normally by the Minister. It is not possible at all for a court to operate in the case of a foreigner. Take the case of a bookmak...More Button

I do not feel very strongly in regard to this particular amendment. The reason why the grounds in paragraph (j) were limited was this: I think there was an attempt made to divide the different sorts ...More Button

I accept it. Amendment agreed to. Section 6, as amended, and Sections 7 to 9, inclusive, agreed to.More Button

I think the sort of case that Senator Comyn suggests could not possibly occur. The sort of place to which it might apply is a small house that would be occupied by the bookmaker. He would live there...More Button

There is a definition, and it sets out “the word ‘premises’ means any house or other building and includes a defined part of a house or other building.”More Button

Carrying bets—carrying money.More Button

I have consulted about this matter and I am advised that it is not necessary to make this particular change. This sub-section was put into the Bill to deal with the possible abuse of the noise, the e...More Button

Senator Hooper has suggested a general election. I think that is a contest and it would come under the definition of a contest.More Button

I think that complete enforcement will be difficult. On the other hand, I think when there have been a few fines there will be probably a comparatively small amount of paying out. I agree with Senat...More Button

Presumably some people won from the bookmakers during the time the old Act was in operation and they must have collected their winnings between the present hours of 9 to 6.More Button

They can collect during the hours of racing—that has been altered by Senator Milroy's amendment—but not the winnings on that day's racing.More Button

No. Presumably they were able to collect during the lunch hour.More Button

Sixpence each way means two bets. There are two hazards and two different results are possible. I have had a consultation with regard to this amendment and I am satisfied that it is not necessary. A...More Button

I cannot accept the amendment. Amendment, by leave, withdrawn. Section 23 agreed to. Sections 24 to 28 inclusive agreed to. Amendment 21 not moved. Section 29 agreed to.More Button

I am accepting the amendment.More Button

I am prepared to accept the amendment. I think the penalty was based on a section of an Act passed in another country for a similar offence. I do not think it is necessary to have it as high as £20....More Button

Yes. Amendment 24 (Senator Johnson) ordered to be taken on the Report Stage.More Button

They are not allowed.More Button

Without a provision such as this I think that our revenue from the betting tax would shrink very considerably, because it would enable the most elaborate machinery to be prepared by outside bookmakers...More Button

The bookmaker can receive bets from outside.More Button

The bookmaker here can receive bets from persons outside provided they are not bookmakers. The more he gets the better odds he can offer.More Button

With regard to the point raised by Senator Foran I wish to say that if we had not this provision in the Bill the betting tax would be worth relatively little.More Button

Yes. Amendment put and declared lost. Section 32, 33, 34 and 35 agreed to. SECTION 36. The several enactments specified in the Schedule to this Act are hereby repealed to the extent mentioned in the t...More Button

Although this matter has been discussed to a considerable extent I did not hear from a single person associated with football in connection with it until this morning. Whether as the result of the con...More Button

Yes.More Button

I can give the Senator a coupon if he so desires. Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.More Button

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