Keane, John

Thursday, 25 May 1933

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 16 No. 21

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Public Business. - Railways Bill, 1933—Committee (Resumed).

I move amendment No. 31:— 31. New section. Before Section 10 to insert a new section as follows:— 10. No person while employed in the road services department of the company shall be deemed to be a...More Button

I have no objection to the course outlined by Senator Johnson, provided the whole principle is accepted. I am not wedded to this particular form of words. But I think the Senator is making far too m...More Button

In view of the Minister's statement I shall withdraw my amendment with the permission of the House. Amendment, by leave, withdrawn. Sections 9, 10 and 11 agreed to.More Button

I move amendment No. 32:— New section. Before Section 12 to insert a new section as follows:— 12—(1) Notwithstanding anything in the Principal Act, but subject to the provisions of this section, a r...More Button

If the Senator is looking for consistency in politics— from any quarter—I am afraid he will be disappointed. The reason why the Minister is preferable to the Railway Tribunal is because he is, I unde...More Button

I am sorry I am not sufficiently expert in this matter, but I understand that the flat rate at present is illegal. I may not be quite clear as to the technique of the flat rate, but I understand that...More Button

After hearing the Minister's statement, I do not apologise for having introduced the amendment, because I think it has brought about a very interesting discussion. I am glad to see that there is at l...More Button

On ton mileage.More Button

Take the position of one firm that moves commodities all over the country from Cork to Dublin and gets a flat rate, and then take the case of another firm which has to move the same commodities from D...More Button

I think it is a great pity this matter is not looked at more calmly. It should be viewed more as a business proposition rather than from the point of view of national politics. There should not be ...More Button

There is a sum of £100,000 lying out without interest and that might be called in if this Act is repealed. There are further advantages, I am informed, representing about £20,000 a year that also for...More Button

By merit and persuasion.More Button

After what the Minister has said, I do not propose to say anything further on this amendment and ask leave to withdraw it. Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.More Button

I move amendment 34:— Section 15, sub-section (2). To insert before the sub-section two new sub-sections as follows:— (2) Upon the application of the company the Railway Tribunal shall ascertain the...More Button

You are breaking an existing arrangement.More Button

I cannot help feeling that in this discussion there is more of legal subtlety or legal sophistry than of plain commonsense. My point is that by the repeal of this Railways (Directorate) Act there is ...More Button

I do not think the Minister is reasonable in this debate. He is trying to involve me in the necessity of proving something which is quite impossible to prove and is only a matter of opinion. The only...More Button

The Railway Tribunal is, in effect, a judicial body, is it not?More Button

The point I wish to make is that it is going to be a judicial inquiry. This House is not a court of law, and is quite incompetent to determine the legal position involved.More Button

When I put down this amendment, or when this amendment was put down, which is the more accurate way of putting it—I do not wish to disclaim responsibility for it— insufficient regard was had to the fu...More Button

I move amendment 38:— First Schedule. To delete the Schedule. This is consequential on amendment No. 4.More Button

Public Business. - Proposed Inquiry Into Agricultural Industry.

I move the motion standing in my name:— That, in view of the fact that it is the declared policy of the Government to depend to an increasing extent on home production and home markets, the Seanad req...More Button

If I misrepresent the Senator I apologise.More Button

That was more or less the spirit of what the Senator said. Senator Johnson, with a much more consistent point of view, takes the line that production should be regarded in the light of service. Ther...More Button

I am afraid my mind is not sufficiently metaphysical to appreciate these differences. What I was trying to lead up to was what our line of policy should be for the future, in view of the altered circ...More Button

Might I second that motion? There is rather a small House to continue debating this important subject.More Button

Could we not come to agreement about this? The House is very empty, but I know that a number of Senators are interested in this matter.More Button

It is, but it is rather late.More Button

As regards the last part of the Minister's remarks, I only make this comment that there is a big difference between a taste and a surfeit. The people did get a taste of this before but now they have...More Button

I am quite prepared to withdraw the motion. The Minister knows the position. Owing to the small number of members now in the House, I do not want it to go to a division. Motion, by leave, withdrawn....More Button

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