Comyn, Michael

Thursday, 14 December 1933

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 17 No. 29

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Report of the Committee on Procedure and Privileges. - Slaughter of Animals Bill, 1933—Second Stage (Resumed).

I regret very much that this Bill has not come forward as a Government measure because then it would represent, in some degree, the general ideas of the community. This Bill is backed by men for whom...More Button

How many? There is at present a disposition amongst groups and associations to interfere in the business of other men, to interfere in the business of the greatest class in this country and to regula...More Button

What does the Senator say?More Button

I thought it was Senator Milroy who interrupted. The voices are so similar.More Button

Farmers must of necessity take the lives of animals sometimes in the course of their business.More Button

Of necessity, they must sometimes. I agree that every precaution should be taken to see that animals, not merely in a slaughterhouse, but elsewhere, should suffer as little as possible in the exercis...More Button

I hope it will not be in any Act for which this legislature will have responsibility, because I imagine that no person who knows anything about the slaughter of animals even in a farmyard would think ...More Button

Farmers' sons, labourers' sons, everybody in the country sees animals killed, not merely cattle, sheep and pigs, but fowl of various kinds; that is a necessity of country life. Does that demoralise t...More Button

Senator Robinson says it does, and let us assume that it does. This is a statute which has tremendous powers of expansion. It is confined, in the first place, to knackers' yards situated at a distanc...More Button

Why not keep to the Irish law, which is much more precise?More Button

Oh!More Button

Did you never see a pig killed on a farm?More Button

Or a cow?More Button

That is what gives you such a disgust of it.More Button

Report of the Committee on Procedure and Privileges. - Slaughter of Animals Bill, 1933—Motion for Select Committee.

I should like to see a measure dealing with the humane slaughter of animals made part of the law of this land. For that reason I support the appointment of a committee to take whatever evidence they ...More Button

Why should you say that it was extraordinary or pompous when you did not hear it?More Button

On a point of order. Is the Senator entitled to discuss a speech which he has not heard? Is not this another example of “dubhairt bean liom go ndubhairt bean léi”—one old woman telling another old ...More Button

Report of the Committee on Procedure and Privileges. - Harbours (Regulation of Rates) Bill, 1933—Report.

On behalf of Senator Dowdall, I move amendment 1:— Section 5, sub-section (1). After the word “order” in line 38 to insert the words “the Minister shall give notice to.” With this amendment, the Sect...More Button

I move amendment 2:— Section 5,, sub-section (1). After the word “relates” in line 39, to insert the words “and such harbour authority.”More Button

Report of the Committee on Procedure and Privileges. - Animals (Anæsthetics) (Amendment) Bill, 1933.—Second Stage.

I beg to second this motion and I hope this measure will be considered with the same calmness and full consideration as this subject has received in this country and in the courts of this country. Th...More Button

I am thankful to the Chair for allowing me to go so far. The point is whether dishorning should be done while the animal has its senses or whether the animal should previously have an anæsthetic admin...More Button

Neither Senator Brown nor I can estimate what pain the animal suffers. I should say the amount of pain is not great, that it is not at all as great as the pain an animal suffers through being gored. ...More Button

Senator O'Farrell is interrupting quite unnecessarily.More Button

The Senator had no right to interrupt me at all.More Button

The question is what does the animal suffer when an anæsthetic is administered?More Button

How do you know?More Button

The Senator is not a bovine animal. The statute speaks of bovine animals. Let me submit to the House for its consideration—does the giving of an anæsthetic to bovine animals cause pain? This Act wa...More Button

Per incuria, that is without due care. There was no representative from this country in the Parliament that passed that law, and that law so far as it relates to the other operations on animals, so f...More Button

I said so far as the statute relates. There were other matters as well as the dishorning of cattle dealt with. My friend, apparently, has not read the Act of Parliament which he is here now proposin...More Button

My information is that the English people buy dishorned cattle. They do not dishorn them themselves.More Button

All the Irish judges gave that opinion.More Button

Except Senator O'Connor.More Button

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