MacEllin, Sean E

Wednesday, 1 January 1936

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 20 No. 22

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So far as I can see, as this debate goes on, the hotter it is getting, and so long as there is heat on one side, there will be heat on the other side, too.More Button

From the way the debate has developed, it seems to me that it is to a great extent a waste of time because you people have made up your minds to vote for the recommendation and we on our side have mad...More Button

At all events, I am a farmer as well as Senator Counihan and I have rates and rent to pay, while the Minister for Finance will make me pay income-tax, whether it is due or not.More Button

As a farmer, I support this Bill. I have strong reason for doing so, in the interest of the community as a whole. In my opinion, the provision of the necessary moneys to enable the Government to pur...More Button

Some matters give rise to great controversy and it is questionable whether some decisions given by some of the judges——More Button

Senator Blythe, who is responsible for this recommendation, gave effect to this system for ten years. If it was good enough for him for ten years, it should be good enough for him now. Is it in the...More Button

Land Purchase (Guarantee Fund) Bill, 1935—Final Stages.

I agree with a good deal of what Senator Baxter says. I would agree a whole lot better with him if, when he was a Deputy in the Dáil ten years ago, he had made the same speech, for it would apply te...More Button

I did not read them then, but if you made that speech ten years ago it would apply with equal effect.More Button

I am talking to the best of my ability. Senator Blythe was Minister for Finance at that time and he must have ignored Deputy Baxter.More Button

The surprising thing about it is that it is only now that Senator Blythe and so many other Senators woke up to the fact that this method was an improper one. I think Senator Baxter put his finger on ...More Button

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