Bennett, Thomas Westropp

Wednesday, 1 January 1936

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 20 No. 22

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Land Purchase (Guarantee Fund) Bill, 1935—(Certified Money Bill)—Committee.

He does not ask you to remove anything.More Button

No.More Button

I do not think that he has been out of order. He may have used one or two expressions that might, perhaps, have been better left unsaid.More Button

I think, Senator, you are going outside the scope of this Bill.More Button

You must not go so far.More Button

Historical allusions are hardly necessary. You should come more closely to the Bill.More Button

I must really ask the Senator to get a little closer to the portion of the Bill with which we are dealing.More Button

You have, but you have wandered.More Button

The Senator has not said one word so far about the recommendation. A certain amount of latitude may be given, but really the Senator should now endeavour to deal with the recommendation.More Button

I am afraid you are wrong, Senator. You must make some reference to the recommendation. I will not confine you very strictly, but you must make some reference.More Button

It is entirely in my discretion to accept the motion. We have been discussing this recommendation for practically two hours now, and I think that it is a reasonable motion. I, therefore, propose to a...More Button

Certainly. I shall allow the Minister to reply, and I shall then allow Senator O'Hanlon to move his motion.More Button

I did not take that motion at the time. I am taking it now. Question—“That the question be now put”—put and agreed to Recommendation put. The Committee divided: Tá, 18; Níl, 18. TáMore Button

The division has resulted in a tie, 18 voting for and 18 against. It therefore becomes imperative on me to give a casting vote. I have listened with a great deal of attention to the arguments addres...More Button

There is again a tie and, as before, I have to give my casting vote. The subject-matter being practically identical, I vote in favour of the recommendation. Recommendation declared carried. Question—...More Button

Perhaps Senator Blythe will explain.More Button

This division has also resulted in a tie, and, therefore, it is incumbent on me to vote. The recommendation seems to be on all-fours with the other recommendations on the question of retrospective le...More Button

Suspension of Standing Orders.

There is a tie in this matter but here the procedure is much more easy to decide. It is our constitutional duty to return the Bill to the Dáil by midnight to-night. That being so, there is no other ...More Button

Land Purchase (Guarantee Fund) Bill, 1935—Final Stages.

Might I point out to the House that the Minister made a speech which would be more fitting to the Final Stage?More Button

You can reply on the Final Stage. Question put: “That the Bill be received for final consideration.” Question declared carried.More Button

No, on the Report Stage.More Button

That is a very nice point. Of course, the Minister set a bad example by making a speech on a stage which is really meant for correction.More Button

If Senator Douglas desires to speak, perhaps he could be allowed. We could treat this stage more or less as the Final Stage.More Button

No, no.More Button

That is so. The matter is perfectly clear.More Button

We have the Bill before us now with certain recommendations.More Button

The Minister is not going to make another speech.More Button

I should be very glad if the Minister would do so.More Button

Deputy MacEllin will please address the Chair.More Button

What is the point of order, Senator?More Button

The House is now seized with the Bill. I will put the question that the Bill do now pass.More Button

The Bill as it stands.More Button

The motion I am putting to the House is: “That the Bill do now pass.”More Button

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