Johnson, Thomas

Tuesday, 14 January 1936

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 20 No. 23

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Report of Committee on Procedure and Privileges on the Ruling of the Cathaoirleach with regard to the Land Purchase (Guarantee Fund) Bill, 1935.

Withdraw the word “eminent”.More Button

The Report concludes with a recommendation regarding the Standing Order and the motion is that the Report be adopted. It would seem to me that if there is an affirmative answer given to Senator Brow...More Button

My general attitude towards this is that I want to approve that part of the opinions of this Committee contained in paragraph 14, but to dissent from the form of this new Standing Order. I feel that ...More Button

If that is taken as understood——More Button

I do not want to go into the merits of this case, but I would like to say that, in my opinion, the greater part of this trouble arose from the fact that a motion in the name of Senator Robinson appear...More Button

Is that understood?More Button

I think this is important. I, for one—and I understand Senator O'Farrell has the same view—think general agreement means unanimous agreement.More Button

When there is a majority vote there is opposition rather than general agreement.More Button

So long as it is well understood what is meant by general agreement, we might not go far wrong, but I am afraid there is a distinct difference of opinion on the matter.More Button

I suggest that the difference in practice has been that unanimous consent means that there is a positive approval, whereas general agreement has meant that there is no opposition.More Button

So that, if one member had objected, there would not have been general agreement.More Button

Conditions of Employment Bill, 1935—Recommitted.

Before we proceed with the Report Stage of the Conditions of Employment Bill, may I ask agreement for the proposition that the amendments be recommitted. I think that it would facilitate discussion ...More Button

I move accordingly.More Button

The Minister must not only think in terms of an appointed agent but of the case in which the person giving out the work may direct the out-worker to deliver it to a customer. Question put and agreed t...More Button

I think the Minister has forgotten that this gives the Minister the power to decide whether an undertaking is so small and what is “so small”. It is for the Minister to say, whether an establishment ...More Button

But the new Dáil may refuse to pass that Act. The Minister's contention in regard to this, I am afraid, is not covered even by inadvertence. Taking Woolworth's, for instance, under this amendment it...More Button

But is not this an industrial Act?More Button

The Minister says where the amount of any industrial work done is so small. But the presumption is that it is industrial work. If it is industrial work carried on at Woolworth's, but which the Minist...More Button

I am not so much concerned with the border-line cases that the Minister speaks of, or with the industrial workers employed in a commercial establishment. I am concerned at the moment with the worker ...More Button

The Minister has said that several times. Let me take the definitions. I find, for instance, in Section 4 that an employer is defined as a person who pays a salary to a worker in consideration of d...More Button

Will the Minister say what is his attitude towards amendments Nos. 6 and 7?More Button

The Minister determines that.More Button

I suggest that the Minister should withdraw the section, if it is only a case of Woolworths, and bring in a special Bill to deal with Woolworths.More Button

It is likely that all the amendments will be got through this evening. Perhaps it would be better to adjourn at 7 o'clock and come back at 7.45 and we might finish by 10 o'clock.More Button

I am not moving amendments Nos. 5, 6, and 7. Amendments Nos. 5, 6 and 7 not moved.More Button

That meets the case we desire to make.More Button

On a matter of order and procedure, might I suggest that it would be a great convenience and probably facilitate matters in the Dáil if, on the Report Stage, this Section 7, as amended, could be put a...More Button

I take it the way it will go back to the Dáil will be the section as amended?More Button

No, but I am suggesting that we should take time by the forelock. It would convenience everybody probably if that were the motion for the Report Stage, so that the new section would appear as we have...More Button

I move amendment No. 21:— Section 10. After the word “and” in line 38 to insert the words “upon being so laid and no sooner shall become operative and shall have effect but”.More Button

I am not sure that the Minister appreciates the importance of this. He certainly has not made the point that there is a flaw in the particular formula of the section. The Minister is empowered to ma...More Button

I move amendment No. 22:— New section. Before Section 11 to insert a new section as follows:— 11.—The Minister shall as soon as possible after the expiration of each year prepare and present to each ...More Button

I do not want to impose an undue burden on the Department, but it would seem desirable if the Minister could suggest a form in which reports could be presented periodically; perhaps annually might be ...More Button

This only affects the first year?More Button

I think I mentioned on a previous stage that this was in operation in the Shops Act. I wonder if the Senator could give any instance of where it led to unreasonable prosecutions by virtue of the fact...More Button

Does the Minister assure us that, so far as he can secure it, the factory legislation that is to come will contain at least the provisions of protection on the question of meals in factories and works...More Button

There is a definition of premises, and I am wondering whether that definition will fit in with the Minister's view.More Button

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