Hayes, Michael

Wednesday, 21 May 1941

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 25 No. 13

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Order of Business.

Some of us only got copies of this order mentioned in item No. 6 to-day. Is it intended to take item No. 6 to-day? Could you find out please, Sir?More Button

Second Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 1940—Committee.

Cad ina thaobh go bhfuil “cíos” á chur isteach in áit “fagháltas”? Nach ceart “fagháltas” do char isteach mar revenue?More Button

Ach nach bhfuil “revenue” arís in uimhir 17?More Button

Uimhir 17.More Button

'Seadh. Sub-section (2): “Dail Eireann shall not pass any Vote or Resolution, and no law shall be enacted, for the appropriation of revenue or other public moneys....” Tá “Stáitchíos” annsan. Tá “fa...More Button

Nach ceart é bheith sa Bhéarla?More Button

What we had here is the substitution in the Constitution for an Irish word of another word of narrower meaning. The word is “revenue” in English, and in Article 17 it appears to mean tax-revenue. I ...More Button

You would alter the system.More Button

The position is quite plain now, State revenue and State receipts are two different things. In this Constitution the word “receipts” is translated “fágháltas” and the translators availed of the amend...More Button

Reference No. 5 improves the Irish.More Button

It is the superiority of the professional translator over the amateur.More Button

On reference No. 7. I am sure this is not really relevant, because this is merely improving the Irish. What we are doing now does show that if the present vocational organisation commission makes ce...More Button

Is fearr i bhfad é sin.More Button

In English?More Button

Hear, hear!More Button

As to reference No 15, this amendment provides that when a matter relating to the Constitution comes before the Supreme Court, only one judgment shall be pronounced, and a dissenting judge shall not h...More Button

Surely, sir, in a country such as this the position is that what we would like best would be that the public should be interested in our laws, and above all should be interested in a fundamental docum...More Button

Milk (Regulation of Supply and Price) (Amendment) Bill, 1939—Second Stage.

And you thought, Sir, you were coming to the Bill at last.More Button

Minerals Exploration and Development Company Bill, 1941—Second Stage.

It is not fair to smother Senator Quirke both in algebra and Latin.More Button

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