Boland, Gerald

Friday, 20 June 1941

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 25 No. 16

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There are two Orders.More Button

In the Dáil, I found it impossible to carry on the debate on one without the other. What we did was we discussed the two together. There was no division on the first. The division was on the Retireme...More Button

The motion which has been proposed concerns a Pensions Order, and goes hand in hand with another order which is on the Table, and in respect of which I believe a motion has been handed in to annul it....More Button

I have got to answer the case made. These have been the regulations since 1926, and nobody has seen fit to object to them. All I am saying now is that we are not asking for more power than the Commi...More Button

If a man is dismissed he gets no pension. That is the trouble about this. I am fairly satisfied, from the discussions I have had with the Commissioner, that you would find it practically impossible,...More Button

Perhaps, if we had a perfect world it would not be. So far as the Commissioner is concerned, we have a very good Commissioner, in spite of what some people think, and the fact that he was drawn from...More Button

That is correct.More Button

There is no definite procedure laid down yet. What I am sure will happen is that the Commissioner will inform the officers that he intends to operate this retirement order. When he is going to retire...More Button

Now.More Button

That is not so at all. A civil servant can be retired with pension, before his pension is due, only by reason of ill-health.More Button

There will have to be an amending order.More Button

One order will not require any amendment. I propose to bring in an amending order in the other case providing for the consent of the Minister to dismissal in these cases and, also, limiting the durat...More Button

I think I will start off by repeating what I said before—that in this order we are asking for powers less drastic than the Commissioner has already. I am repeating that because it has been lost sight...More Button

I agree about the other thing, that that should not be done. It is done. People come to me and I refer them to the Commissioner, and say it is his function. Any Senator who has listened to me and tu...More Button

That is an awkward point which we have not covered. If a man retires voluntarily, no provision is made. Some of them who were quite competent might want to retire, and we would not be prepared to le...More Button

Not under this order. If it is desired to have another order, that might be possible, but certainly not under this order. A man must be retired compulsorily under this order if he is to get a pensi...More Button

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