Baxter, Patrick Francis

Wednesday, 2 July 1941

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 25 No. 17

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Public Business. - Finance Bill, 1941 (Certified Money Bill): Second Stage.

It is rather difficult to know, in view of that ruling, what one may say and what one may not.More Button

The trouble is that if we knew how they were going to spend it we might not want them to raise it. The method of spending makes you wonder whether they are justified in the method of raising it. I ca...More Button

I suppose it is reaped in a queer sort of way; the reapers are often not the sowers. The Taoiseach tells us that the main problems confronting us now, apart from the problem of defence, are the probl...More Button

There was opposition to the growing of wheat before either Senator Hawkins or I was born. There was opposition on the part of the land itself because there are millions of acres which cannot grow whe...More Button

I was going to say that the problem with which the Minister is confronted is the problem of finding taxation. He adverted to the fact that revenue is dropping and he was not very optimistic about the...More Button

If I am not in order in stating that the taxable capacity of the inhabitants of the country would be considerably higher if a great many people who at present have no taxable capacity were put to work...More Button

The first sod?More Button

Is this happening in areas where there are men needed to cut turf or in the City of Dublin?More Button

Somebody here has said that you had not much chance.More Button

I said nothing of the kind.More Button

I tell you there would not.More Button

Unfortunately.More Button

Will the Minister make his own speech? The Minister is merely misrepresenting Senator Baxter's speech.More Button

Did the Minister ask any of the Fianna Fáil farmers?More Button

How do you know he will go? You refused to go on another occasion.More Button

Are we not fighting for our lives?More Button

Just as vitally though.More Button

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