Foran, Thomas

Wednesday, 13 August 1941

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 25 No. 25

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Neutrality (War Damage to Property) Bill, 1941—Report Stage (and Recommittal).

I think those Senators who addressed their appeals to the Minister are directing them to the wrong quarter. I think it is to Senator Quirke we should appeal. If the Whips were taken off there is no ...More Button

I was more or less unaware of that until I heard Senator O'Donovan speak.More Button

The Senator said that his Party have to stand by the Minister very reluctantly. If that does not indicate that he was under Senator Quirke's Whip, I do not know what it means. Senator Honan, and eve...More Button

Trade Union Bill, 1941—Committee Stage.

Perhaps we could get a clearer definition of “usually.” We are not satisfied with the word “usually” because it could be extended to apply to very extreme cases and we should like to know what is mea...More Button

Would it apply in the case of seasonal workers such as men employed by maltsters, or, more notably —and Senator Quirke would be aware of this—in connection with the sugar factories, where men are take...More Button

I should like the Minister to tell me under what paragraph of this section any person of goodwill is prevented from mediating in a trade dispute, whether actual or pending. My experience is that, when...More Button

Could the Minister say whether the amendment debars officials of the Department from negotiating?More Button

Will they be disinterested?More Button

This section deals with deposits, and is a very strange feature in this Bill. There are many trade unions that have not the amount of money selected as a deposit by the Government, because many of th...More Button

Will the Minister explain-what he hopes to achieve by insisting on such a rather large deposit from trade unions? If he has in mind the closing down of small unions this section will certainly have t...More Button

I am afraid the Minister has no conception of how many of the older trade unions exist. At no time have they a reserve fund of £1,000. I have in mind a very old union in the building trade. This un...More Button

I am afraid Senator Sir John Keane's knowledge of the trade union movement is very limited. He should think of a bricklayer joining the same union as a plasterer. I am not at all opposed to this que...More Button

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