Foran, Thomas

Thursday, 14 August 1941

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 25 No. 26

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This section is very objectionable, because it gives the right to a person, not being a member of the union, to go in and inquire into the affairs of a union. This does not apply to any similar assoc...More Button

The Minister has not met the case at all. Provision is made for an individual who might have an interest in a trade union to inspect the books of a union, but this provision goes very much further, ...More Button

Yes, a few employers are concerned, but generally speaking, it does not apply, and I believe it never will apply, to any large section of the community or combination of interests. Consequently, it i...More Button

I suggest the Minister has not met the case up to now. In the Bill provision is made for every person having a legitimate right to know what is going on in trade unions. The member, the ex-member, ar...More Button

The point made by Senator Honan is met in this way. If any person believes he has a complaint and wants proper information, the Minister's official has the right to go in. The Minister is taking tha...More Button

Would the objections raised to Section 12 apply equally to this section? Has the Minister in mind bringing in regulations to cover them?More Button

I wonder!More Button

Was he a good Minister?More Button

What is intended by the amendment? I am in a bit of a fog between the lawyers. Perhaps Senator Quirke would clear the matter up.More Button

Perhaps the Minister would tell us what he has in mind as the fee or remuneration for this position?More Button

I am out of a job myself. I was many years at the work and I am not a lawyer. I want to advise the Minister, if he wishes to make this Bill a success and accomplish what he set out to do, to avoid en...More Button

The N.U.RMore Button

I wish to say now that this is the one clause in the Bill with which I am in entire agreement, and I shall try to make it clear why I am in agreement with it. We call ourselves a sovereign State, and...More Button

The man who controls the purse has the control, and I do not know of any of these amalgamated unions where the purse is controlled here. Now, I know that there are foreign unions in this country losi...More Button

No doubt, but supposing we admit the right of British unions— the sole right, mark you—to organise workers in this country, where is our status, and where is our standing?More Button

Consequently, as I said, I am in favour of this section more than any other. Now, regarding the break-always which Senator O'Connell emphasised and deplored, in the event of a break-away has not the ...More Button

Eventually, they will have to find the £1,000.More Button

At any rate, cranks will have no scope under this clause in the Bill. A substantial financial backing has to be found, and, consequently, any break-away from any of these amalgamated or foreign union...More Button

Of course.More Button

Oh, there was no likelihood of that. Now, I wonder what Senator O'Connell's reaction to this Bill would be if there were an amalgamated teachers' union. Would he face up to it in the same spirit in ...More Button

And if we are going to react in this way and hand over the monopoly of Irish workers to foreign unions, then I think we are stultifying ourselves to a degree that we should not possibly tolerate. We ...More Button

I never said anything about their being unpatriotic. There is no use in Senator O'Connell putting words into my mouth which I never used. I never said that, and never implied it.More Button

Nobody denies it.More Button

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