FitzGerald, Desmond

Wednesday, 1 July 1942

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 26 No. 19

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Finance Bill, 1942 (Certified Money Bill)—Committee and Final Stages.

I do not know whether a point to which I desire to refer is appropriate to this section. It is a fact that we have an agreement with the British with regard to double taxation, that is, taxation here ...More Button

I am glad to hear the Minister say that because as I remember the position it did not appear to be so. The Minister has now stated that our Revenue Commissioners in deciding what sum a firm operating...More Button

So that it is not possible that any firm operating in the two countries by reason of the operation of the excess profits tax will, as a result of making extra profit, involve itself in a loss? Can th...More Button

It is the practice, but not the law?More Button

I referred last week to just one matter—that people by getting married, with comparatively small incomes enjoyed by the two parties, because they get married have additional taxation imposed upon the...More Button

Yes, something akin to it.More Button

It might be a year after?More Button

The Minister will pardon me; he has assumed that the condition which I pointed out can only be met in one way, namely by treating the two incomes as distinct. That is not the only possible way of me...More Button

I quite agree. I am not at all blaming the present Government for it.More Button

No.More Button

That is not my proposal. At the present moment, a single person has £120 free of income-tax. Therefore, two people have £120 each, or £240 in all, free of income tax. If they get married they have onl...More Button

It is very simple—do not.More Button

I do not think it will be so very complicated to see that people who have a child will enjoy exemption from the moment that they have the additional expense of that child. At the present moment, they...More Button

That could be remedied easily and equitably.More Button

You cannot arrange as to what moment a child will die.More Button

Electricity Supply Board (Superannuation) Bill, 1942—Committee.

Senator Hayes referred to the fact that the original idea was to have this board at arm's length from the Government. That is quite so. It was felt that, as this board was running what might be call...More Button

Can you avoid it?More Button

Not always.More Button

It is the view of the Minister for Industry and Commerce that his responsibility to the Minister for Finance in the matter is purely a matter of consultation?More Button

Senator Hayes seems to assume that the Dáil can only ask questions or put down a motion if the Minister actually modifies or changes the provisions of any scheme submitted to him.More Button

It seems to me that whatever the board does with regard to pensions the Minister must be prepared to answer to the Dáil, and once you are dealing with pensions, you come up against vested interests ou...More Button

I have been a bit in the dark, not knowing the 1870 Act. Various speakers and the Minister himself, seem to imply two things. The Minister said that there was no intention to deprive the workers of ...More Button

I am at one with the Minister. I think it is an impossible position if the peculiarly favoured number of men who are acting for the Electricity Supply Board are going to be in a position to cripple t...More Button

As long as the immediate cessation of supply would be local and would not do much harm it might be all right, but certainly I do feel that every care should be taken that the whole life of the communi...More Button

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