Ryan, James

Wednesday, 26 January 1944

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 28 No. 9

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Agriculture (Amendment) Bill, 1943—Committee Stage.

I was just going to say what Senator Madden has said. Since the last election the county councils have been paid their expenses on the lines laid down in the Local Government Act of 1941, and the wor...More Button

So far as I understand the position with regard to the county council—I do not like expressing a definite opinion—the council can fix their own reasonable rates of expenses, irrespective of the count...More Button

I suppose it would be presumptuous on my part to appeal to the Seanad to get back to its normal condition of common sense. It is very hard to please the Seanad. On a previous amendment, I was told t...More Button

I do not think that Senator Kingsmill Moore was fair to his colleagues when he said that they could not make sense out of this provision. If you split the draftsman's phrase into two parts—as they us...More Button

It is stated—in two parts.More Button

If we did that, there might be confusion and we are trying to avoid confusion. If I bring in a Bill in respect of which there is no possibility of confusion, I think it should be left as it is and we...More Button

To put in the word “and” would mean that a member would be paid for travelling to and from the place of meeting and to and from the place of meeting to his residence. That is to say, he would be paid ...More Button

That is what the phrase in the Bill means.More Button

With regard to the section, it might be well if the rules had permitted that it should be debated first. I can only say that if the section remains, I cannot see how it can be logically argued that p...More Button

The Senator himself mentioned a big objection to the amendment, that putting in these words will lead only to court actions. A committee would take the Minister to court and say his action was unreas...More Button

First of all, I should like to express my admiration for certain Senators in being able to work themselves up to such flights of oratory on a matter of this kind. I do not think there has been anythi...More Button

I said the last day I had not.More Button

For less than 12 years.More Button

I think the Senator was under the impression that some change from the Local Government Act of 1941 was being made here. But there is not. As a matter of fact, Section 23 of that Act and this sectio...More Button

A similar question arose in the Dáil and I said then that I had discussed this question with the Minister for Local Government and Public Health.More Button

He has, in these cases. It does not go any further than that. I discussed this question with him, and he said that where a county committee of agriculture was agreeable, and where I asked him to give ...More Button

That is true.More Button

I would like to make it clear that I have not by any means concluded that 65 should be the age. When we drafted this section we left it to the Minister to decide, so we did not go into the points for ...More Button

I could only give the numbers. I have no idea of the personal circumstances.More Button

That is possible. I have not considered the matter.More Button

No.More Button

First of all, I should like to make clear to Senator Mrs. Concannon that I have not decided that women are at a less advantage than men when it comes to the matter of age. All I am trying to point ou...More Button

Yes, plus the lump sum, but the lump sum makes up for the difference, roughly, between the one-sixtieth, when he was working for the committee of agriculture, and the one-eightieth, when he was workin...More Button

I do not know if we will get it at all.More Button

The Senator, perhaps, is aware that the first committee must pay the contribution to the second committee.More Button

We are not up against that case at the moment I think.More Button

Again I want to say that this section is taken as a matter of fact without any change whatsoever from the Local Authorities (Officers and Employees) Act, 1926.More Button

I was told there was no change. In codifying the legislation, we took sections from various Acts of that kind in order to put them in the agricultural code. I could certainly follow the Senator's ar...More Button

I have accepted one.More Button

The Senator, of course, will appreciate my position, that where it is not clear an improvement would not be effected by an amendment I do not like to accept it. Amendment No. 8, by leave, withdrawn. A...More Button

He may or he may not.More Button

I would like to say that the legal position on this particular point is rather obscure. Evidently there has been no case decided in the courts. The legal view is that if such a clause were not there...More Button

It is very hard to put in a time limit. We have already accepted amendments to hold an inquiry as soon as may be. Amendment, by leave, withdrawn. Section 9 as amended ordered to stand part of the Bil...More Button

I do not know if the Senator looked up Section 23 of the Principal Act. That section provides that the Minister may, by Order, either upon or without any suggestion or complaint from a committee of a...More Button

I am not sure if I can be here to-morrow.More Button

I am quite willing to have the next stage to-morrow if the Seanad would not mind another Minister doing it for me.More Button

Remember that members of these committees have been waiting for their expenses since last June.More Button

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