Keane, John

Wednesday, 23 July 1947

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 34 No. 7

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I move amendment No. 1:— At the end of sub-section (1), to add to the sub-section the following definition:— the expression “general Order” means an Order which applies to all health authorities. The ...More Button

I move amendment No. 2:— In sub-section (3), line 31, after the word “regulations” to insert the words “and general Orders”.More Button

I am satisfied to adopt that course. Amendments Nos. 1 and 2, by leave, withdrawn. Section 2 agreed to. Amendment No. 3 not moved.More Button

I was astonished and depressed by the general attitude taken by the Minister, that because a thing has gone on for years—and increased in what I suggest is its misuse—we must accept it for granted an...More Button

The Minister has not answered my original question as to the legal difference between a regulation and an Order. You can give an example of a thing being obviously an Order and another thing being o...More Button

I am still puzzled about this distinction between a regulation and an Order. Would the Minister accept as an explanation that every Order must be covered by a regulation?More Button

The Minister has not satisfied me. There are safeguards for the public in regulations, but I am afraid that regulations can be evaded in the form of Orders. That is my difficulty and I am afraid tha...More Button

I move amendment No. 10:— After sub-section (2), to insert a new sub section as follows:— (3) The report of any local inquiry held under this section shall be communicated to the health authority conc...More Button

Can the Minister say if voluntary hospitals have a right to recover charges in the manner contemplated in this section?More Button

The wording of this section is somewhat ambiguous. It states: “A health authority may, with the approval of the Minister, make rules for the conduct and management of a health institution.” Is that ...More Button

That the Minister does not approve of the rules?More Button

I am afraid the Minister is a little bit vague about the whole matter. Under this section, as far as I read it, no rule can be made by the manager of an institution without the consent of the Ministe...More Button

I am not satisfied yet. The Minister seems to relate my point to tuberculosis.More Button

A number of these institutions are not tuberculosis institutions. No rules under the Tuberculosis Prevention (Ireland) Act, 1908— the instance the Minister gave—could come into operation without the c...More Button

It appears to be so. On the face of that, I gather that every rule, every detail and every step would require the consent of the Minister without which it could not come into operation. That would be...More Button

Let the rules be made and let the Minister have power, if he wishes, to annul them or to have them corrected. I do not see that that is the power in the Act. I despair of getting anything done under...More Button

I am quite clear.More Button

What are they—not regulations, are they?More Button

Hear, hear!More Button

I do not want to pursue the matter, but I do not think I have been answered. There is no definition of a rule. Senator S. O'Donovan thinks certain rules should be called directions. That does not h...More Button

He did not.More Button

This is as good an opportunity as any other to ask the Minister if he will reply to the question I put. Will this model scheme which will precede the regulations be made public and will it be open fo...More Button

I should like to have some further enlightenment on what is contemplated under this section. It provides that “a health authority shall, in accordance with regulations made under Section 28 of this Ac...More Button

Section 22 does not mention functional area.More Button

It does not say “school in their functional area”.More Button

I am not satisfied yet. I am trying to look at this logically. I do not want to raise dubious points, but I want to get the purpose of this section clear. This would bring every child in the functio...More Button

They may be going to England.More Button

I want to know what happens in the case of children who go to England.More Button

That is good. I did not know that. Question put and agreed to. Sections 23 and 24 agreed to. SECTION 25.More Button

They may be Christian Scientists.More Button

I think this ought to be in the Bill. I wonder if the Minister has consulted a child psychologist on the medical effect on a child of its being seen by a doctor without the parent present? In certai...More Button

I move amendment No. 17:—More Button

Can the Minister say how he intends to use them because it is only under these regulations that they will serve any purpose? I am disposed to ask if they are not mere window-dressing.More Button

I appreciate the Minister's difficulty and I suppose I must be satisfied with the general assurance he has given, but the Minister's record in this matter is not very good. He had a consultative body...More Button

I withdraw my suggestion that the Minister's record is bad. His record is good. Amendment, by leave, withdrawn. Question proposed: “That Section 28 stand part of the Bill.”More Button

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