Sweetman, Gerard

Wednesday, 10 December 1947

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 34 No. 16

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Public Libraries Bill, 1947—Second Stage.

Order it for to-morrow and we will see to-morrow how we stand. Committee Stage ordered for Thursday, 11th December.More Button

Local Elections Bill, 1947.—Second Stage.

One of the reasons for which I dislike this Bill is precisely that the members of a county council under it are going to have a power which was not mentioned by Senator Madden which they can operate a...More Button

I think the Senator is going to get a very, very rude shock.More Button

Could the Parliamentary Secretary give an example of a county electoral area of 50 or 60 miles in extent?More Button

I think the Parliamentary Secretary misunderstood what Senator Douglas said. What the Senator was advocating was that the director of a company would be qualified, which is an entirely different matt...More Button

Does this reserved power over-ride this Bill?More Button

Hear, hear!More Button

Are all the Ministers who have Bills on the agenda available?More Button

Statutory Instruments Bill, 1947—Committee Stage.

May I say at this point that there has been some agreement outside the House that the House would not proceed to-night beyond item No. 6 on the Order Paper? It might be desirable that that should be ...More Button

It was not agreed to at that time.More Button

I should like to mention one point in furtherance of what Senator Sir John Keane said. I had occasion yesterday to look for an Order that was of vital importance to a great many people. It was an Or...More Button

I agree with Senator O'Dea from the theoretical aspect but I want to put a point of practice to the Minister. How does he propose that the defendant shall prove that, at the date of the alleged contr...More Button

There is only one way that I know that can be done. Take for example an Order that is made on the 1st January next—the operative date in this Bill—and the prosecution is brought in the month of Octobe...More Button

If it has been published. Then if the prosecution do that, that is that. As the situation is, what has got to be done is that the defendant has to produce every copy of Iris Oifigiúil and show that ...More Button

I have been very stupid. I have not made myself clear to the Minister. The defendant proves that at the date of the alleged contravention notice of the making of the said statutory instrument had no...More Button

I am not trying to score a cheap point over the Minister, but there is a quite genuine thing which the Minister has not yet grasped. No doubt, it is my stupidity in not making myself clear. Senator ...More Button

Why not say so?More Button

That is what the Minister intends, I agree.More Button

That only appears where the defendant has brought in all the copies of the Iris Oifigiúil and has shown that there is no notice in it. I know perfectly well what will happen. A client of Senator O'D...More Button

It is going to mean that a trifling point of legal technicality will waste the time of the court for a couple of hours, because the justice must go through each and every copy of Iris Oifigiúil to sat...More Button

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