Lemass, Seán F.

Thursday, 12 March 1953

Seanad Éireann Debate
Vol. 41 No. 8

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Restrictive Trade Practices Bill, 1952—Second Stage (Resumed).

Senator Hayes, in opening the debate to-day, said that he did not know what practices this Bill is aimed at, and Senator O'Reilly last night asked for more definite proof that restrictive practices ar...More Button

Or someone he believed not to be creditworthy. Does any Senator seriously believe that it is possible that a Minister would make an Order relating to these matters and prohibiting a manufacturer deci...More Button

I have a higher opinion of the intelligence of our Legislature than that.More Button

It is often much harder to convince my own Party of the desirability of a particular course than to convince the Houses of the Oireachtas subsequently. If their examination of the proposal is to be t...More Button

Yes.More Button

The power of adding a temporary member was to permit of the possibility of a person with specialised technical knowledge being added to the commission for the purpose of a particular inquiry. It is ...More Button

No. It will not come into effect until the House has confirmed it. I want to quote an old Irish proverb: “There is no sense in keeping a dog and barking yourself.” What is the purpose of setting up...More Button

The Senator's indignation at this Bill might have been conceivably more allayed if he had read it with greater care. There is no question of an appeal. Nobody has committed an offence until an Act i...More Button

He has, of course. Once the Bill is passed it is the law. He has no right to go to the courts and ask whether the Oireachtas should have passed this law. That would be making a sort of super-parliame...More Button

Yes.More Button

He is only guilty if the court decides he is guilty. Senator O'Brien said that, outside this Bill, there are a number of trade restrictions, protective measures, public monopolies, trade union regul...More Button

——and people with political affiliations of one kind or another. The essential characteristic of a politician is that he is approachable, and a politician who is not approachable will soon cease to b...More Button

I am agreeable to taking it next week.More Button

Yes. Committee Stage ordered for Wednesday, 18th March. Business suspended at 6.13 p.m. and resumed at 7.16 p.m.More Button

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