L'Estrange, Gerald

Thursday, 24 March 1960

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 52 No. 9

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Central Fund Bill, 1960 (Certified Money Bill) — Second Stage (Resumed) and Subsequent Stages.

I hope so.More Button

Central Fund Bill, 1960—Second Stage (Resumed).

The Fianna Fáil Government have been in office for three years and we now have an opportunity of reviewing their work. This Bill also provides us with an opportunity of ascertaining the manner in whi...More Button

That was the Taoiseach speaking when taxation was budgeted at £28 million less than we are budgeting for here to-night and, on that account, I think it is relevant to the debate. If, in 1953, the Tao...More Button

We are concerned with the expenditure of £123,000,000.More Button

The Minister was speaking about expenditure.More Button

I am sorry I cannot share the optimism displayed yesterday by some of the Fianna Fáil speakers. I should like to know if they were sincere or if they were merely speaking with their tongues in their...More Button

No one can welcome a counter irritant as a substitute for a cure and I cannot welcome this Bill because that is precisely what it is. The country needs a dynamic Government who are prepared to work h...More Button

No, I admit that. Young men won the last war and perhaps young men will save this country. The Fianna Fáil Government remind me of an old farmer sitting in the chimney corner of a derelict farmhouse w...More Button

It increased by 30 points——More Button

I am not making the same speech. I could not have the 1960 figures in 1959. The Minister put me down last year when replying and I am replying to him now, and I think I am entitled to do it.More Button

The Fianna Fáil Party appealed to housewives. Fianna Fáil must be the housewives' choice, they said, because the soaring cost of living was robbing the wage packets of their value. These are the wor...More Button

This is a very important point and I think it is very unfortunate that Senator Lenihan, or any Senator, should try to blame or cast aspersions on any Party as regards bovine tuberculosis. All Partie...More Button

The Senator is late now talking about them.More Button

Let him carry on.More Button

Take the month we are in.More Button

The Minister's Party started that controversy, including the man who is in the Park.More Button

You did not agree with that when you were slaughtering the calves.More Button

You promised to do it. That is the difference.More Button

Read the 1948 figure. It was 400,000 odd.More Button

The Minister did not tell us what the pig population was in 1948.More Button

The pig population was at its lowest in 1948. The figures are there to prove it.More Button

And the Minister was £4 down per beast.More Button

The Minister should look up the official figures. They were £3 or £4 a head down.More Button

I claim they were right.More Button

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