Stanford, William Bedell

Tuesday, 20 December 1966

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 62 No. 5

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Appropriation Bill, 1966 ( Certified Money Bill ): Second Stage (Resumed) and Subsequent Stages.

The remarks of the representatives from the universities in this debate have necessarily been handicapped by the delay in the appearance of the report of the Commission on Higher Education. I hope th...More Button

Yes, but he is bringing into the country currency from outside to the value of £350. Surely that is what the tourist trade is doing. They are trying to bring in money from outside. The citizens of D...More Button

I should have to think that out. The Minister will have an opportunity to refute what I am saying later on. As I see it, if the money we spend on the various——More Button

Should I, indeed? Let me continue for a little while anyway. As I see it, there is something like £400 per student coming into the city of Dublin. That might be an argument for putting more of the c...More Button

It would not be popular. But the expenditure is not a total loss in any sense.More Button

May I add just one sentence? Many of the people I have met abroad wanted to come back but there simply are not the inducements for their doing so. I should like to comment on what the Minister said ...More Button

As the Chair suggests, I shall pass to another point. The rest of my remarks will be based on three exhibits. Here I have two pubcations—there is no need for alarm; they are neither censored nor cens...More Button

No, not Cromwell, curiously enough, but through historical prejudice, political confusion, religious hostilities, these great buildings now lie in ruins.More Button

Partly. These are the very factors which are operating to pull down our Georgian buildings today. I ask the Seanad to consider that perhaps 200 or 300 years from now, historians may say that in the...More Button

On a point of order, Sir, is this official Labour Party policy?More Button

Appropriation Bill, 1966 (Certified Money Bill): Second Stage (Resumed).

Only a quarter of an hour.More Button

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