Haughey, Charles J.

Tuesday, 20 December 1966

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 62 No. 5

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Garda Síochána Pensions Order, 1966: Motion.

In regard to the motion moved by Senator Browne the memorandum, which has been circulated to Members of the House with the Order, explains the effects of its provisions. As Senators will observe from ...More Button

Appropriation Bill, 1966 ( Certified Money Bill ): Second Stage (Resumed) and Subsequent Stages.

He gets goods and services for the £350.More Button

Would the Senator give every tourist £350 to come here and spend it here?More Button

Senator Stanford should keep to the classics.More Button

Cromwell.More Button

Forty-eight times. No Minister ever met unions as often as I have met the NFA.More Button

I was not prepared to be dictated to.More Button

Is the Senator in favour of indirect taxation?More Button

You might yet.More Button

Not the Labour Party.More Button

Senator Dooge has not intervened now.More Button

You interrupted Senator McGlinchey when he made a similar sort of remark.More Button

The Senator has not disturbed me.More Button

Did we not subsidise the export of fat cattle?More Button

They went up exactly £5 a head the week the subsidy was introduced.More Button

The Senator asked me about the Dublin mart.More Button

It does, and we always said it would rise in December. That is why I told the people to hold on to their cattle, in spite of Fine Gael criticism.More Button

That is not so; it would have to correspond to the exact qualifications of the British guaranteed payments standards. The standard was agreed between our inspectors and the United Kingdom inspectors.More Button

No, it has to come up to minimum standards of the UK scheme.More Button

No, it was paid only on prime beef of top quality conforming with the British guaranteed payments standards.More Button

On the hoof?More Button

They are usually kept for two months. They do not qualify for the guaranteed payments unless they are kept for three months as it used to be, but now for two months.More Button

The breeders were offered facilities to import what they wanted to import.More Button

That is a very high standard now. Fine Gael think their attitude should be to personally attack everybody in the Government.More Button

The Senator could not even stay in the Seanad.More Button

It must take a bit from what you want to lecture the rest of us about.More Button

They never learn.More Button

Those are the sort of people we have in Opposition.More Button

Who forced a judge to resign so that somebody else could be appointed?More Button

Appropriation Bill, 1966 (Certified Money Bill): Second Stage (Resumed).

Buoyancy.More Button

And established by me.More Button

He was a bit severe on the amateur operatic societies.More Button

Actually, you empty it.More Button

You are not doing too badly on the non-political basis.More Button

You are codding us.More Button

Excepting cost.More Button

Yes, but we won.More Button

It shows that you academics never will understand anything.More Button

I feel a little guilty at taking up the time of the House at this late hour. For that reason, I may not deal as fully with the debate as I would have done if we were concluding at a more reasonable ti...More Button

These are some of the discrepancies that appeared in his contribution. He asked some specific questions which I should like to deal with. The first was when he asked about the NIEC Report No. 11 in ...More Button

I would hope so. In any economy, of course, the balance of payments position is a crucial factor. This is particularly important in our economy where such a high proportion of our national product is...More Button

I did not interrupt Senator FitzGerald. When I mentioned this figure of £20 million as a deficit on our balance of payments situation, I should have said it looks like the deficit we will have for th...More Button

I could not be certain.More Button

I said that in the worst year up to now it was not far short of £16 million.More Button

This year has not finished yet.More Button

As Senators know, in the year 1965 the capital inflow was about £25 million which is considerably in excess of the £16 million which the Second Programme envisaged. I am not arguing the statistics of...More Button

Maybe Senator FitzGerald is not guilty but we cannot so readily absolve all the members of his Party. I gathered from Senator FitzGerald's remarks that he was criticising us for not reflating as quic...More Button

Promised, projected, or whatever word you want. We said that provided a moderate increase in incomes and comparative industrial peace could be expected, then we could expect an increase in GNP. As ...More Button

I am coming to that. In the case of the Department of Agriculture, I want to accept full responsibility for what happened on that occasion. I decided that it was necessary, for the record, that the ...More Button

I fully accept that, yes. In fact, as a result of my experience on that particular occasion, as I say, I would be very reluctant to have a repeat of that experience and because, again, as I say, it i...More Button

I suggest to them that they are doing themselves no good at all by this sort of carry-on. They would be far better to get their feet back on the ground, to send all these alleged experts that have com...More Button

Have nothing to do with them. Get your feet back on the ground. Become a really good constructive Opposition and listen to the ordinary men and women in your Party because you have ordinary men and ...More Button

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