OReilly, Patrick Firmullagh

Wednesday, 3 July 1968

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 65 No. 9

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Private Business. - Local Authorities (Higher Education Grants) Bill, 1968: Committee Stage.

(Longford): And the Minister for Education.More Button

(Longford): It is fundamental.More Button

(Longford): I am afraid Senator Dooge covered most of what I intended to say but there is one aspect I should like to raise. Who is to decide in the ultimate when a training college or any other colle...More Button

(Longford): It becomes you when you do.More Button

(Longford): In whose opinion?More Button

(Longford): That is an important thing to say.More Button

(Longford): With regard to the argument made by Senator Dooge regarding the university requiring recommendations or references in respect of students before acceptance, I should like to inquire the nu...More Button

(Longford): There was no intention of introducing Party controversy when I put the question to the Senator.More Button

(Longford): Was that the time when ad hoc legislation was brought in to legalise appointments? The present Minister for Labour was in charge of Education then.More Button

(Longford): Or a professor.More Button

(Longford): I thought that I would have the last word.More Button

(Longford): It was a demonstration really, a proof of weakness, when they suspect people in their oversensitivity.More Button

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