Mullins, Thomas Lincoln

Thursday, 12 December 1968

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 66 No. 2

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Election of Acting Cathaoirleach.

I propose that Senator William Sheldon be elected accordingly for today's sitting. Question put and agreed to. Do chuaigh an Cathaoirleach Gníomhaitheach i gceannas.More Button

Order of Business.

It is proposed to take No. 2.More Button

What we were hoping for, in view of the fact that the Taoiseach will not be available for this evening, is that we could finish the Finance Bill by the end of this sitting.More Button

It has already been decided that there will be only one discussion.More Button

Perhaps we should proceed with the discussion on the Bill?More Button

Finance (No. 2) Bill, 1968 (Certified Money Bill) :Second Stage (Resumed) and Subsequent Stages.

Are there not full-timers on night work?More Button

What exactly will a depositor in the Post Office get out of this Giro? Would the Senator explain that in a few words?More Button

What does it give the people?More Button

Tell us about it.More Button

I propose that we continue to sit during the remainder of the afternoon. As the Taoiseach explained there are certain difficulties in relation to this Bill and we are anxious to conclude it this even...More Button

Perhaps the Farmers' Journal would wipe its own dirt off the slate.More Button

The Minister said he will resume the advertisements. The Farmers' Journal should wipe the mud off its feet.More Button

I am suggesting that the Farmers' Journal should now make amends for its part in the dirty campaign which led to the exclusion of the advertisements.More Button

The Senator should bring himself up to date.More Button

Ad nauseam.More Button

The Senator should read the newspapers.More Button

The Senator should read his newspapers and he will find an announcement was made.More Button

I gave them to you.More Button

It is not a grade A hotel or a college.More Button

You would not punish juvenile delinquents and you would not punish prisoners in prison. What sort of society are you going to have in the future?More Button

The building is more solid than many of the Georgian houses.More Button

What did you expect our voice to do?More Button

There is some hope of us stopping supply of arms by talking here.More Button

It is almost 12 years. Your files are out of date on that too.More Button

Without referring to the froth of the past two and a half hours, we shall get down to serious matters and there are a few comments I should like to make arising out of the discussions that have taken...More Button

By the way, may I take this opportunity to congratulate Senator Garret FitzGerald on the fact that we can now refer to him as Doctor FitzGerald and to say that I am very glad indeed to be able to do s...More Button

However, in spite of this distinction, I find myself compelled to admonish him. Both he and Senator Sheehy Skeffington were desperately frustrated by reason of the fact that the motion which they had...More Button

Senator FitzGerald probably has no recollection of a civil war that occurred in another country some time back.More Button

I am talking about the civil war that occurred in Spain when a policy of non-intervention was adopted by the Government; but, despite that, large sections of the people disagreed, and the result was t...More Button

I will deal with Vietnam if the Senator wishes. We should keep our noses out of Vietnam.More Button

That is a completely different situation. If the Senator wants a debate on Vietnam we can have it. I am trying to make a statement. I did not interrupt the Senator until very late in his contributi...More Button

It is time we put an end to the nonsense that has been circulated during the last year about our intervention in the Nigerian war. If we leave them alone they will fix their own business. That is go...More Button

That question, I am afraid, is part of the propaganda which has been issued by interested agencies. It is not based entirely on facts. If the Senator reads, as I am sure he does, some of the interna...More Button

Another thing also which has emerged, and which is of distinct importance in this connection and in connection with the Nigerian affairs, is the statement issued by all religious houses who have missi...More Button

I think it was Senator Murphy or Senator Garret FitzGerald who suggested the Minister for External Affairs should get advisers on the Nigerian war. The former Senator Burke would be very useful in t...More Button

What I wish to emphasise is that the organised workers of this country under the control of the Irish Congress of Trades Unions number half a million and if they were given a direction, I do not say a...More Button

I put it to the House that even by paying them sufficiently here they can earn more on one transatlantic trip in the Mercantile Marine, on one of these long distance trips, than they could in six mont...More Button

I am not suggesting that that is what you should do. If an estimate came up today for debate you would have a very decided objection to spending the money in that way.More Button

Somebody did. You have to go and get trade. No country owes us a living and no country has much time for us unless we can give them something profitable which they will find will be of assistance to ...More Button

Let us be accurate. It was the proposals of the referendum that were defeated.More Button

Would the Senator like to comment on that?More Button

Why on a Monday? Do they not have anything to eat at the week-end?More Button

No, I think we should proceed or we will be here late tonight. As far as I can see there are very few other speakers and we could finish in a reasonable time if we continue now.More Button

The greatest thing that ever happened was that the referendum threw you fellows into the one camp. [Interruptions.]More Button

Now. Agreed to take remaining Stages to-day. Bill put through Committee, reported without recommendation, received for final consideration and ordered to be returned to the Dáil.More Button

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