Honan, Dermot Patrick

Wednesday, 5 July 1972

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 73 No. 3

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They are normally sons of the owners.More Button

Where do they come from?More Button

I have been enthralled by Senator McDonald's statements about agriculture. Those sitting behind me know the position better than I do.More Button

I interrupted you so I suppose you are entitled to interrupt me.More Button

The proposition before the House is to offer greater benefits to people within £20 and £30 valuation.More Button

Before the £20 exemption from rates was proposed and the ancillary proposal that between £20 and £30 there would be another abatement, a charter was given to the small farmers to acknowledge that they...More Button

If we had the financial resources we should help the small farmers who are the backbone of the country, but it is no use stating that nothing is being done. I am a member of an agricultural committee...More Button

Each time I attend a county council meeting we have deputations from Muintir na this and Macra na that all looking for more facilities.More Button

Who pays for them? The rates are looked upon as a penal charge. You pay for the services on a long-term basis. This Bill is another stage in giving small farmers the enthusiasm they need to build th...More Button

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