Higgins, Michael D.

Wednesday, 23 June 1976

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 84 No. 5

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Order of Business.

I should like to ask a question on Senator Robinson's motion. Before we move to the summer recess, I should like to refer to motion No. 46 on the Order Paper, in the names of Senator Horgan and mysel...More Button

These are not the details. There is some confusion in my mind as to what our attitude was in regard to the appropriate technological structures for the Third World. There was disparity between the p...More Button

Dublin Gas Order, 1976: Motion.

I should like to assure the House that I intend to avail of an opportunity of commenting on the general use of future resources that might be made available to us on another occasion when the appropri...More Button

Local Government (Water Pollution) Bill, 1976: Committee Stage.

I should like to support this amendment. When speaking two or three weeks ago on the Planning Development Bill I referred to what I termed the corpus of conservation legislation in this State. I had ...More Button

Some of the better sections of this Bill are the sections which deal with sanction, where it specifies sanctions which do not exist and where it raises sanctions to the level of being genuinely deterr...More Button

Could I ask a question following the generous response of the Parliamentary Secretary earlier on to the substitution of the word “shall” by “may”, for example, in section 2 of the Bill? Would he be ag...More Button

I take the point. The only thing is the spirit. I think the Parliamentary Secretary will agree with me. Where a water management plan will eventually emerge, it looks from this section as if it will...More Button

I agree with Senator Deasy's point and will add a little to it. Having read the Planning and Development Bill and this Bill, I am not sure of the extent that water is protected from agricultural effl...More Button

I am absolutely convinced of the sincerity with which the Parliamentary Secretary is approaching his assurance, but it is a very minor point. Section 16 reads: “A person other than a sanitary authori...More Button

The person who raised this has been anxious to be constructive about it and find a way out of it. The point made by the Lough Sheelin Trout Protection Association in their memorandum to Members of th...More Button

It is purely a matter of clarification. Section 33 of the Bill subsection (c) repeals sections 171 and 172 of the Fisheries (Consolidation) Act, 1959. This is the Act which gave some power to fisher...More Button

I do, but the disquiet that has arisen in connection with sections 16, 17 and others and with the local authorities arises from the fact that in a later section, 33, we are in fact giving away some po...More Button

I know Senator O'Higgins is not deliberately trying to misconstrue me.More Button

The section does refer to “waters which the sewer discharges”, so one would hope in fact that the water which they discharge does not become constituent with the sewer, in other words that the two be...More Button

A point here is one which caused myself some concern where I had seen the local authorities involved in monitoring effluents and so on. A problem arises which perhaps could not be dealt with in this ...More Button

I apologise to the Leas-Chathaoirleach for having intervened at a wrong stage. I was making an important point, that I agree with what Senator Deasy has said and I am quite confident, by the way this...More Button

Senator M.J. O'Higgins reminded me that I was raising an objection under a wrong section earlier. Section 25 proposes to establish standards by the establishment of regulations but the proposal to e...More Button

I want to raise a matter of clarification and I am sure the Parliamentary Secretary will advise me immediately on it. The section reads: A local authority may prosecute for an offence. The authority...More Button

I would like to compliment the Parliamentary Secretary on that section.More Button

This section proposes the repeal of three instruments and my question is one I can quickly ask. The points we made on so many sections and the point made by Cork Angling Associations is this —and I o...More Button

The Parliamentary Secretary performed a very great service of clarification in stopping me putting the word “fisheries” in on another occasion, suggesting that it was inappropriate. I am not suggesti...More Button

The plain suggestion of the document from which Senator Deasy is quoting is that on balance the repeal of these three instruments in time and their replacement by section 25 would be seen as reducing ...More Button

Adjournment Debate. - Equal Pay: Motion.

Law is good law when it factually and materially changes the conditions of the people that are referred to in it. The law which referred to lack of discrimination against women invoked constitutional...More Button

I was trying to make the point that Article 7 was being made in an atmosphere in which the public had gone through the motions of suggesting that it was willing to accept changes in the position of wo...More Button

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