Fitzgerald, Garrett

Wednesday, 19 December 1979

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 93 No. 7

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Payment of Wages Bill, 1979: Second Stage.

If I could come in? I do not want to interrupt this House, but there are certain aspects of this Bill before the House, the purpose of which is—on a point of order——More Button

If I am not entitled to make a point of order, I am sorry. I was just drawing it to your attention. It is so obvious.More Button

Payment of Wages Bill, 1979: Committee and Final Stages.

The Senator will appreciate that both sides of industry do not like the Minister to encourage them, or to direct them, on what they might do. As I said earlier, I believe that both sides of industry a...More Button

I am sorry but I cannot accept the Senator's line of argument at all. I believe that this Bill in its entirety, and section 3 specifically, are very flexible. In other words, we have a document wher...More Button

There are two other points I would make to the Senator. This section was discussed in more detail with both sides of industry than was any other section in the Bill. The document and the agreement we...More Button

One brief point. This might be part only of a wider agreement between the trade union and the employers' organisation, and I do not think it would be desirable that he would opt out of the agreement. ...More Button

We do not have post office giro.More Button

There is credit transfer. Question put and agreed to. SECTION 4. Question proposed: “That section 4 stand part of the Bill.”More Button

The Senator will appreciate that some sections in the Bill apply to all employees; some apply to those covered by the Truck Acts. This section applies to those covered by the Truck Acts only. I am ...More Button

Look at section 2: This Act, other than sections 5 and 8 (4) applies only to employees as regards the payment of whose wages the provisions of the Act of 1831, or the provisions of that Act as extende...More Button

Section 4 applies to manual workers who are caught, or where the anomaly was created, under the Truck Acts.More Button

The anomaly was created for those people covered under the Truck Acts by the introduction of the 1927 Currency Act. In other words, there were some workers for whom this problem did not exist. These...More Button

Yes.More Button

The anomaly does not exist for them. They have the freedom already.More Button

I am sure the Senator appreciates that one cannot go further than is gone in the Bill in that respect. I agree entirely with him when he says it is most important to consider the confidentiality aspe...More Button

No, I am not so aware. The position is covered now, but we are not aware of any such payment.More Button

Employment Equality Agency Report: Motion (Resumed).

I take Senator Robinson's point.More Button

I did not interrupt the Senator when she was making her contribution. I would have expected more manners from the Senator.More Button

Unmannerly, perhaps, not outrageous.More Button

I suggest to the Senator that if she thinks she knows my moods or what my mood might be, then I do not know how she would appreciate whether or not I am being complacent.More Button

If the Senator, in her typical attitude, will put another interpretation——More Button

Thank you. Members of the House must realise there are, of course, many calls, many demands on Governments, from Departments and all agencies. The Government will consider the applications as favour...More Button

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