McGuinness, Catherine

Thursday, 27 March 1980

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 93 No. 14

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Employment Guarantee Fund Bill, 1980: Second Stage.

I am sure we all welcome the creation of this fund and hope that it will improve the employment situation. I would just like to draw a little attention to the possible direction of the schemes that ...More Button

Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Bill, 1978: Committee Stage (Resumed).

This may well arise more under section 15 than section 16 but it applies to the guarantee field. I understand that the practice is arising, certainly in the motor trade if not elsewhere, of warrantie...More Button

I understand this is taking place, I will look into it for further details and see if I can get concrete examples sent to the Minister before Report Stage.More Button

If he completely opts out of offering a guarantee he then will become liable under the main sections of the Bill, just as an ordinary sale of goods?More Button

“Acting on his behalf”—it is not on his behalf alone that an arbitrator would be acting. Would it make it clearer if we put in “on his behalf alone” or “solely on his behalf”. It is clear that the s...More Button

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