Ellis, John

Tuesday, 18 December 1984

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 106 No. 9

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The Minister would not guarantee the ACC loans.More Button

He did not. He refused to sign.More Button

Some of them are over two years old.More Button

The Bill gives us a chance to go through the famous book that will become a millstone for this nation in the next ten years, namely, Building on Reality. It would have been better named if it were ca...More Button

No matter how hard Senators opposite try to hide the fact, what I have been saying is the truth. I agree that the volume is up——More Button

I agree it is the safer way. I did not behave in the same way when other Senators were speaking. Particularly, I did not interrupt Senator McDonald. The Minister said that the Government had signifi...More Button

It is very bad form that a Senator is not allowed to make reference when somebody starts to laugh when something like that is said.More Button

I did.More Button

That is where we disagree. Our university students are being prepared for emigration. We should look at the numbers of people who have left university over the past few years and have been forced to...More Button

Indeed, Senator Loughrey would not know too much about the farming situation anyway.More Button

I may not be as old as Senator Loughrey but I remember that.More Button

I could tell the Senator more than he might want to know about that time if he wants to go back that far. The statistics supplied to Europe by the Government were not in order. The net result is that...More Button

Santa Claus promised many things and he never brought them. This is another case where Santa Claus will not be doing his job.More Button

I am glad Senator O'Leary's sense of humour is good today, because I recall a few months ago when it was not so good. I am glad his razor sharp wit is back again.More Button

There are promises made to agriculture by way of increased payments for 1986 in the plan. The fact is that our present livestock numbers are not sufficient to meet the contracts available. That was p...More Button

Senator Loughrey must not know about the big farmers in the Finn valley, who are his neighbours.More Button

In the plan there is a proposal to give local authority tenants a £5,000 incentive towards providing their own homes, as well as the other grants. This is a good move, but would it not also be of ben...More Button

I did not mention anybody by name.More Button

I do not mean it as an attack but it is fair that people should know——More Button

We were often on the receiving end too. People with vested interests should not be appointed to boards advising the Government. It is a retrograde step and not in the best interests of the people. ...More Button

Senator McAuliffe-Ennis seems to think their allowance should have been cut. No doubt she has not too many smallholders in County Westmeath.More Button

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