Robinson, Mary

Wednesday, 6 March 1985

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 107 No. 8

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Business of Seanad.

I was concerned that we would have a full opportunity to discuss all aspects of this Bill, both at Second Stage and at Committee Stage. I was informed by the acting Leader of the House there had been...More Button

Health (Family Planning) (Amendment) Bill, 1985: Committee Stage.

I have a number of issues I want to raise on section 2 of this Bill. I find myself somewhat handicapped in seeking to raise them because I had asked a number of questions on Second Stage which have n...More Button

Yes. A three-day debate on Second Stage.More Button

I am party to but I was no party of. I heard about it later. I was told there was an agreement. That is as much party as I had to it and that is what one accepts. It is not unusual to be told ther...More Button

It has gone up.More Button

I am not narrowing specifically on health boards. My query relates to health boards among other matters. I want to pursue the issue of the information available to this House. In response to the que...More Button

You mean we will not draw any inference?More Button

I want to come in on the same point. I am not sure we are getting clarity at this hour of the night. A number of important issues arise. Section 11 of the 1979 Act is couched in terms of individual...More Button

Nothing can be more individual to a person than his conscience. It is inately related to the person. The exercise of it is also very precisely defined in section 11. It states: Nothing in this Act s...More Button

I am informed by Members of this House that it has arisen and that a health board has taken this position. If so, then that health board has acted ultra vires. It had not the power to do what it pur...More Button

It is like the sorrowful mysteries.More Button

Has the Senator no more recent figures?More Button

Has he no more recent figures?More Button

We will get those later.More Button

Now, unfortunately, we are higher.More Button

I was here when Senator Fitzsimons made his speech and I listened to it very carefully. He made an allegation and I challenged him at the time that the abortion rate in the Republic was lower than in...More Button

It is so felt.More Button

We have dealt with a number of important issues arising out of the section. I would like to turn specifically to the extent to which the section relates to opening up access to contraceptives which I...More Button

The Minister, nonetheless, on Second Stage, gave some indication of the information contained in that review. If we cannot have that review, for whatever reason, maybe the Minister will tell us why. ...More Button

It comes back to freedom of information. Legislation has to be implemented. We will have to gain access to this information some day. However, working with the imperfect tools and knowledge we have,...More Button

There is information and information. Most of us know that map exists. It would be helpful if we had that map in front of us; we would be much more informed. At one stage it was published in the na...More Button

Total lack of outlets?More Button

I am grateful to the Minister for this indication. Perhaps, if this is tolerable within the constraints of confidentiality in the Department, we could after this debate have more precise information ...More Button

Could we have the precise outlets circulated to Members of this House? We cannot assess the scope of section 2 unless we are informed on this. There are two questions that arise from the Minister's r...More Button

I want to refer to the questions that were asked of the Minister of State and particularly the point by Senator Bulbulia, about the apparent fact that chemist shops that are owned and run by limited l...More Button

Too complex an issue?More Button

I would like to ask one further question. I would agree unequivocally with all of Senator McGuinness's remarks, including her comments in passing, if the case is as she says, and I am inclined to th...More Button

The Minister clearly has information and that is what I am looking for. Could the Minister tell the House what percentage of the chemists are limited liability companies?More Button

Even a rough estimate for the city of Cork or Dublin?More Button

Could the figure be obtained for Report Stage?More Button

The reason it is important that we have that information is that when we are talking about the sale by chemists, the Minister has clarified that this quite definitely, under the terms of the definitio...More Button

I accept the Minister's opinion. He has obviously had advice on this. That has a very broad significance. That applies not only to non-medical contraceptives and is to some extent further amending i...More Button

Perhaps the Minister would clarify what the authority is to dispense the pill?More Button

I want to make one further comment on the matter we have been discussing and then move on because, although there are spoiling tactics going on, some of us are actually concerned about the merits of t...More Button

The Chair will be pleased to know that I am not going to respond or react in any way to what Senator Lanigan said. I do not think there were any insinuations implicit in it. As regards the context i...More Button

The Minister of State, in reply to an earlier question of mine, referred to the fact that 20 per cent of doctors do not provide any family planning service. Is the Minister of State in a position to ...More Button

The issue I want clarification on is the extent to which those 80 per cent of GPs who provide a family planning service tend to either totally or predominantly prescribe the pill. It is clear from th...More Button

Sometimes I feel that raising the suggestion that it is unconstitutional is the last resort. I will not rise to that at all. I want to get back to the context in which we are seeking to change and e...More Button

I object to that. We are trying to have a serious Committee Stage debate. It is no fault of mine or of some of the Members of the House that we are here at this hour. I would take exception to that...More Button

I want to pursue this a little further. The Minister has given us very useful information in relation to the present situation in the prescribing of both medical and non-medical contraceptives that i...More Button

The Minister has been doing that and I appreciate that. I did not mean statistical information, but was it a conclusion of the review, was it an observation?More Button

Could I ask whether there is information on the extent to which the diaphragm is made available as a contraceptive and the extent to which this is made available through advice from GPs as well as fro...More Button

I very much agree with and echo the Minister's sentiments in this regard. I am grateful to him and I appreciate the extent to which he is providing us with whatever information he has at his disposal...More Button

Yes that is the number who are getting them on the GMS. When that is compared with total usage of 12,000 diaphragms, that is a very small percentage. I would consider this to be something that reall...More Button

Would it be correct to say that we are really talking about importation so presumably we are importing a product that has been subject to quality control elsewhere?More Button

I hope the Senator is not saying they have already been used.More Button

If I could get back to the details of the section we are discussing, I want to move on to the next point of access. We have talked about the GPs and the present situation. Under section (2) (1) para...More Button

As you were contemplating it, to what extent——More Button

I am very pleased to hear the Minister say that, because I think if the health boards are actively and in a very conscious way providing full comprehensive family planning services and providing contr...More Button

You got my agreement.More Button

Again, this profile of the situation is helpful and it is probably late to have more comprehensive information, but we can reflect on some of the implications of the brief survey and information that ...More Button

And Bray is another example. This is a very clear response to what the Minister said earlier, that there is a total inadequacy of outlets and of access. What I do not think is appreciated is the per...More Button

Arising from subsection (4) I should like the Minister of State to inform us whether it is anticipated that there will be any delay before the Minister brings this Bill into operation by order or if t...More Button

That is not saying much.More Button

Health (Family Planning) (Amendment) Bill, 1985: Report and Final Stages.

I will adopt somewhat the same attitude as Senator McGuinness to this amendment. I noticed that it was seconded in a more conscious way than it was proposed. The full implications were clear to Sena...More Button

I agree completely with the thrust and wording of this amendment and, if I had any doubt, such as has been expressed by Senator McGuinness, I think that it is an amendment that should be supported. W...More Button

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