Lanigan, Mick

Wednesday, 6 March 1985

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 107 No. 8

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Order of Business.

On that particular point, it is very unusual that the two major proposed Bills are coming from Independent Members of the House and the Government have not decided yet on the Housing (Homeless Persons...More Button

Health (Family Planning) (Amendment) Bill, 1985: Second Stage (Resumed).

In an effort to be orderly in a disorderly House I will continue. We are opposed to the Health (Family Planning) (Amendment) Bill on a number of grounds. Much heat has been generated here and in the ...More Button

If the Senator is so knowledgeable about the rules and procedures of this House the next speakers will have to get rid of their scripts before they come into this House. If he is so worried about the...More Button

I presume the Senator is one of the people driving around the country advertising clinics.More Button

I suggest that this Bill will do nothing for the unemployed. Equally it will do nothing for the plight of people who have marriage problems, and it will do nothing for people who are in bad homes. I...More Button

The Bill is a smokescreen that was brought up at a time of grave national problems. Unfortunately, every second we speak here more publicity is being given to a Bill which has very little relevance i...More Button

Request Under Standing Order 29.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to ask for the adjournment of the Seanad to discuss the provision of natural gas and to ask the Minister for Enegry to make a statement on the provision of natur...More Button

I am asking the Minister for Energy to make a statement regarding the provision of natural gas to various cities and towns throughout the country. Most of our energy is imported. We could change our ...More Button

I have to abide by the ruling of the Chair but if the provision of natural gas, our only native source of commercial natural energy is not allowed to be given to towns such as Clonmel, cities such as ...More Button

I am not questioning the Chair's ruling.More Button

I am just listening to the laughing Senator from Donegal.More Button

I will but if we cannot, on a motion——More Button

I apologise if I seemed to be going against the Chair's ruling.More Button

Health (Family Planning) (Amendment) Bill, 1985: Second Stage (Resumed).

That suggestion came from the Government parties and not from Fianna Fáil.More Button

Business of Seanad.

I join with the other Members who have spoken. It is a discourtesy to this House that the Minister is not here. We were told that this was a major Bill yet the Minister has not paid the House the co...More Button

Senator Loughrey's contribution did not give anybody any hope.More Button

His attack on me was not in line.More Button

Agreed.More Button

I thank the Senator for his final comments. He admits that this House is abused by a Minister of State. (Interruptions.)More Button

Health (Family Planning) (Amendment) Bill, 1985: Committee Stage.

The Minister of State did not answer the question that was raised by Senator Durcan who asked a specific question as to where did the responsibility of the health board employee start?More Button

I was here when it was answered.More Button

Could we ask the Minister to repeat what he has said?More Button

I just want to follow up on two items. First, Irish Family Planning Clinics Limited are now going to continue to supply condoms. The Minister said today that a limited company cannot supply condoms.More Button

I am sorry, what has been said is that a limited company cannot supply condoms. I want to ask the Minister, is a limited company under new legislation allowed to supply condoms or are they not? Sena...More Button

You are too close to the situation. You do not know.More Button

At present if a pharmacy which is a limited company dispenses a condom it is breaking the law. Ninety per cent of pharmacies are limited companies. Could I ask the Minister if they are breaking the l...More Button

If a pharmacy is a limited company is it breaking the law in giving out condoms? Could I ask also are Irish Family Planning Clinics Limited breaking the law by dispensing condoms?More Button

So what the Minister is saying is that Irish Family Planning Clinics Limited do not break the law by dispensing contraceptives. If a pharmacist, the normal chemist shop down the country, with a famil...More Button

I am asking a question. Are Irish Family Planning Clinics, Limited going to be allowed to dispense condoms when an ordinary chemist's shop down the country which has incorporated itself as a limited c...More Button

I would agree with Senator McGuinness in everything that she has said except for her attack on Fianna Fáil. The fact is that a limited company run as Irish Family Planning Clinics Limited can dispens...More Button

Could we have an answer from the Minister? Who is allowed to sell contraceptives?More Button

May I say that we have arrived at a situation where Irish Family Planning Clinics Ltd. are out of business in the morning as a result of this Bill and that 99 per cent of the chemist shops who may or ...More Button

I beg your pardon. Every family business is now set up as a limited company.More Button

It is not the information the Minister has. Unfortunately, it is a fact.More Button

Senator Robinson asked a specific question. She has not got a specific answer. She mentioned the pill, which is a contraceptive device. The Senator asked the question: is it now the situation where...More Button

If a person is a member of a limited liability company involved in a family business or any type of operation, is that person now precluded from dispensing or being involved in the selling of condoms?More Button

I asked a specific question. I asked if there is a participating pharmacist in a limited liability company, is the Minister now saying that that person cannot dispense condoms?More Button

I did not suggest there was any anomaly. I asked a straight question and I want a straight answer.More Button

I asked a specific question.More Button

A limited pharmaceutical company cannot dispense contraceptives. What is a limited pharmaceutical company?More Button

I am asking a question. What is a limited pharmaceutical company?More Button

I asked what is a limited pharmaceutical company? Will the sale of contraceptives be restricted to a limited group of people? Is that what the Minister of State is doing or what is he at? What is ...More Button

If I register a company under the Companies Act——More Button

What does the Minister of State mean by a registered company? I want to get this matter straightened out. Obviously if he wants to make throwaway remarks he is quite entitled to. I asked a question a...More Button

Who is entitled under this section to sell contraceptives?More Button

The Minister of State stated that the sale of contraceptives was confined to a specific group of people. Who are these people?More Button

The Minister said that if there are anomalies in this Bill amending legislation can be brought in. One of the problems in this House and in the other House is that legislation which has been brought ...More Button

Either we bring in legislation which can stick or we do not bring it in at all.More Button

Adjournment Matter. - Limerick Postal Strike.

To make a minor interruption into this debate — I think that Senator Kiely has brought up a matter—— (Interruptions.)More Button

We have another two and a half minutes or three minutes to go. Can I just say it is grand for the Minister to say that arrangements have been made and, in all fairness to the community welfare office...More Button

It is grand for the Minister to sit there and it is grand for his officials to sit there and suggest that certain things are extracted but the one big thing he fails to realise is that if somebody who...More Button

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