Higgins, Michael D.

Wednesday, 6 March 1985

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 107 No. 8

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Health (Family Planning) (Amendment) Bill, 1985: Second Stage (Resumed).

This is the second time that I have had an opportunity of speaking at length on the question of family planning in Seanad Éireann. On the Family Planning Bill that was debated in this House in 1976 I...More Button

We need to take language more seriously and above all else —I am not being flippant and I can assure, the speakers who seriously hold views opposing this Bill that I will turn to a more serious examin...More Button

Senator Fitzsimons is right. In the same column he acknowledged that he was using this passage from a letter published in The Irish Times on Friday 15 February from Father Denis Faul, St. Patrick's A...More Button

I am grateful to Senator Fitzsimons. I am very anxious that I would have the quotation correct so that the reference to Fr. Faul's eloquence will go to the correct source. As the theologians of that...More Button

The Senator missed my speech on that day. It was the famous sluice gates speech. Father Simon O'Byrne was inviting people to note well those who support or oppose this Bill. May I say my respect for...More Button

Of course, members of the Senator's party have a right to do it. The Senator's party are making as tragic a mistake as was made in those 1930 speeches, that the Catholic people of Mayo were entitled ...More Button

Let us take these points. I do not intend to debate them. I have spoken in somewhat similar vein in support of many of them. They are brave young people, trying to face up to the realities of what...More Button

God be with St. Flannan, if the Senator wants to put it like that, who did not hold the views of the later St. Flannan——More Button

This is the whole point. We are talking about a man older than all of us, Ireland's oldest and most renowned international philosopher, the man on the £5 note, John Scotus Erugenis, probably the orig...More Button

Health (Family Planning) (Amendment) Bill, 1985: Committee Stage.

On a point of order, it is important that, having decided to sit tonight to take Committee Stage of this Bill we should be afforded as much time as is necessary to take it in as much detail as people ...More Button

Widespread distribution.More Button

I had offered to speak specifically on this point as a member of a health board. The Bill before us——More Button

Before the Minister replies I want to give the reasons why I am worried about this—Senator Loughrey is also a member of a health board. I say this as a lay person in relation to drafting of legislati...More Button

I want to make as much progress as I can on this. I assure the Minister of State that I appreciate his response in trying to relieve whatever confusion has surfaced. Section 11 of the 1979 Act state...More Button

I give way to Senator Robinson because I need to think about this. I agree that the confusion which could arise, in relation to public comment on this, could have a mitigating effect on the passage o...More Button

Hear, hear.More Button

A Chathaoirligh, you asked me a question I am very rarely asked, and that is if I am happy with that reply. I thank you for the consideration in that and I can answer your question now. My own happi...More Button

Will the Minister of State, on advice from the Department, state now that any health board acting in this way will be construed as acting ultra vires and that he will immediately make an order so that...More Button

I thank the Minister of State.More Button

Before the Minister of State replies I would like to clear up a few points in relation to statistics. I made my living for quite a while teaching a form of sociology that relied on statistical survey...More Button

In 1983 they were higher for the Republic.More Button

That is my point.More Button

In fairness Senator Fitzsimons is talking about accidental connections and causal connections but he has not established his case that there is any connection between the availability of contraception...More Button

That is unworthy of the Senator.More Button

I would like to make a point that is not contentious at all. I have listened to my colleague, Senator Robinson, make many points that extracted a great deal of information that was very valuable in r...More Button

Health (Family Planning) (Amendment) Bill, 1985: Report and Final Stages.

I am sure that what Senator Killilea intended was to state that in page 2, line 14, after “or” to add “or of a pharmaceutical chemist or as his servant or agent acting under a registered pharmaceutica...More Button

I shall not delay the House. I just want to say that Senator Fitzsimons has touched on a point and it is up to the movers of the amendment to reply to it. When we debated this earlier on we spoke ab...More Button

The Cathaoirleach is in charge and he has made a ruling.More Button

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