OLeary, Sean A

Thursday, 27 June 1985

Seanad Eireann Debate
Vol. 108 No. 11

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Report of Joint Committee On Marriage Breakdown: Motion.

Senator Ross is inviting interruption.More Button

The Senator's presence invites interruptions.More Button

Road Transport Bill, 1985: Committee Stage.

May I ask the Minister whether he would like to comment on what appear to be the new criteria for the issuing of licences? Section 2 (c) states that every application shall contain such information a...More Button

In those circumstances I would like to pursue the matter a little further. Is the Minister satisfied that Irish carriers will not be placed at a disadvantage compared to European carriers on the que...More Button

I wonder whether the Minister would like to comment on to what extent other transport companies operating from the Continent of Europe will be able to operate in spite of low restrictions in this coun...More Button

I will pursue the matter again under section 3.More Button

I presume what is meant by an arrangement would be an arrangement of the kind mentioned in the Companies Act, an arrangement with creditors, meaning that you have come to an agreement with creditors f...More Button

It may be that my understanding of the words “financial arrangement” is, in this context, incorrect. If that is so, I share the Deputy's point of view and I share his concern. If, however, the Mini...More Button

I would like to support the Minister's liberalisation which is referred to and in fact introduced by the section which we are now dealing with, section 3. The position is factually as stated by Senat...More Button

I have a series of questions to ask. They relate to section 4 and they are interrelated with section 5 but I think they are properly asked under section 4. Section 4 seeks to substitute a new sectio...More Button

Would the Minister consider the points I have made? There appears to be a distinction being drawn between the holder of the licence and the registered owner of the licence. The holder of the licence...More Button

In section 4, if we look at line 8 it says: “Every merchandise licence, being a national road freight carrier's licence, shall entitle the holder...” I am asking the Minister whether he should re-defi...More Button

We are only trying to improve the Bill. We agree in principle with the Bill. We were given the honour of introducing this legislation in this House initially.More Button

I know that and I know the Minister is a great supporter of this House. I am grateful for his indication that he would consider this.More Button

Would the Minister consider making it a specific offence under the Principal Act and under this section which we are now substituting for section 24 (2) of the Principal Act, allowing the Minister to ...More Button

Am I right in thinking that the position is as follows, that a licence will not be required to carry own goods in your own vehicle, is that correct? It is not now required and it will not be required?More Button

Yes, that is what I am saying. There were particular circumstances where you were carrying your own goods but you were using a hired vehicle and you needed a merchandise licence. The result of this ...More Button

Is it the intention of the Minister to consolidate the legislation now, or are there amendments coming which will make that inappropriate?More Button

We should have some consideration for the person who is trying to understand that. There are a number of different pieces of paper which it is necessary to have in order to understand this legislatio...More Button

All of us would like to see this to fruition. I thank the Minister for his co-operation.More Button

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